Kicking Ass and Turning Five

I am not a runner. Gym was my least favourite class in school. The only B I ever got in high school was in gym, and that’s because my A+ in the health/classroom portion offset my C-minus physical abilities.

Middle age seems to be agreeing with me, though, because I actually had a great time at the Army Run yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, clear and sunny and crisp along the canal. Thousands of other runners were there, which was inspiring and really made me feel like I was part of something big.

Most of all, I made it, and it was GOOD.

I managed to run-one-minute, walk-one-minute most of the time, and I finished my 5K in 39:35 — that’s less than 40 minutes, baby. I’m pretty proud. Yesterday I wore my little “you did it!” dog tags around the house all day. Because I’m a survivor.

Also, I am totally ignoring the 70-year-old man who power walked along with me the whole way and ended up finishing about five minutes ahead of me. Kind of made me wonder why I bothered to run the race, you know?

My favourite conversations from the run:

One lady to her friend: You’re doing great! We’re almost there!
Other lady: STOP LYING TO ME.

10-year-old Girl to her Mother: Mom, we can’t keep stopping like this! We have to keep running, it’s a RUN. I’m not going to wait for you any more!
Mom [panting]: Just. One. More. Minute.

Man to his young son: You’re doing great, kiddo. Oh hey, a garage sale! Let’s just pull over for a sec!
Son: I’m going to say that to you in two hours when you’re at 20K in the half marathon.

So cute.

In other news, Gal Smiley turns five years old today! It feels a little anti-climatic, since she already had her big party, so I’ve already been through all the hand-wringing and dirge singing about MAH BABY GROWING UP. In fact, we’ve had kind of a hard week around here with her — a few potty issues, continued finger sucking, a refusal to eat breakfast unless spoon fed — so I’m kind of hoping for a little maturity now that we’re the big FIVE. Fingers crossed.

This morning we gave her our present, which was “REAL LIVE” walkie-talkies, and she was very happy. This afternoon I was able to lie around on the couch for 15 minutes while Gal Smiley went upstairs, and then I used the walkie-talkies to explain to her how to get Little Miss Sunshine up from her nap and out of her crib.

I’m thinking the walkie-talkies could be the dawn of a whole new era I like to call, “Parenting from the Couch.” Next up, remote diaper changing!

7 thoughts on “Kicking Ass and Turning Five

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    Hey good running/walking! I’m glad it was a good experience. I bought running shoes today so I now need to get off my a$$ and run in them once in awhile.

  2. Yeah you! It does have a great sense of accomplishment doesn’t it. Granted I did mine 8 years ago, but I still know that I ran a 5 km! I hope you keep it up.

    Happy BDay to the Gal. I sucked my thumb until I was six. And I’m a relatively well round person, or so I think….

  3. i haven’t got enough time to read through your post…i will but not for a couple days so until then i wanted to at lest say CONGRATULATIONS GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! that is awesome that you not only did the 5km but that you did it in a decent time! yahoooooo.

  4. ok so I need to catch up on all your posts before commenting. Excellent job on the run! When i did the Army run last year I did it in almost the exact same time as you. We Rock! I had a speed walker pass me too. It was a bit depressing but I ignored her.

    I like the walkie talkie idea. I need Christmas present ideas 🙂

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