What a Dad Wants

Last night I was surfing on my laptop on the couch, while Sir Monkeypants flicked around on the TV and tried to find something to watch. Since it was Saturday night, pickings were slim, and he ended up watching the second half of What a Girl Wants, a teen movie starring Amanda Bynes.

I know! I could end the story right there, and it would still be rich in entertainment. But there’s more.

We were passing the time by accurately predicting what would happen in every single scene, and by watching the minor characters and extras for faces that had also appeared in Four Weddings And A Funeral (the film is set in England). Then I had to take a break from the festivities to go see Little Miss Sunshine.

She’d had an unusually long and late nap, and was still kicking around in her crib over an hour past her usual bedtime. So I went and got her and brought her downstairs for some milk, to help her sleep.

As soon as she arrived, the Little Miss said, “HI DADDY WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING,” because I may have mentioned this before, she is loud.

(But, endearingly so. Side story: a couple of nights ago, the Captain was sick in the night with croup, and crawled into our bed around 5:30 a.m. and finally fell asleep. When Little Miss Sunshine showed up at 6:30 a.m., Sir Monkeypants whispered to her, “You have to be quiet, the Captain is sleeping,” and she said, “CAPTAIN? SLEEPING?” It was so cute we had to giggle as we quickly whisked her from the room.)

Anyway, the Little Miss snuggled right in beside her daddy in front of What A Girl Wants. They curled up in a blanket while I got the milk ready and very quickly, they were both engrossed. In case you’re concerned, What A Girl Wants is absolutely safe for your two-year-old. It’s nothing but a series of close-ups and mid-shots of people in pretty clothes talking in monotones (or, occasionally, English-accented monotones), with a couple of music-video style montages of people changing their clothes thrown in.

The movie is about a 17-year-old American girl who goes to England to track down her richie-rich Brit father, who didn’t know that she existed. Naturally there are many, many scenes of father-daughter hijinks. Each time Daddy and daughter had a bonding moment, Sir Monkeypants got a little bit swoonier. He’d pull Little Miss Sunshine closer and closer.

Meanwhile, the Little Miss was completely entranced. Dora can SUCK EGGS. We are now all about Amanda Byrnes and her pretty, pretty dresses.

While Little Miss Sunshine drank her milk and cuddled with her daddy, the movie reached its climax. Amanda is back in America, having turned away from the rich life in England and rejected her father and his “all about appearances” ways. Of course, the dad has had a change of heart, hopped a plane, and shown up at the wedding where Amanada is working as a waiter (and also, her mother is working as The Wedding Singer, uh-huh!). The dad tells Amanda that he was so wrong, that he wouldn’t change a hair on her head, and that he loves her. “I love you, Dad!” says Amanda, and Sir Monkeypants’ heart just about burst with joy as he gave Little Miss a squeeze.

Then the movie people totally usurp the actual bride’s dance with her father by crashing the dance floor for their own father-daughter dance. I pointed out that the dad was dancing with his little girl at a wedding.

And Sir Monkeypants and Little Miss Sunshine agreed that it was the BEST MOVIE EVER.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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  1. mel


    I must confess, I’ve watched that movie and thought it was cute. But I’ll watch anything with Colin Firth 🙂

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