Mad Math Skillz

The Captain has always had a bit of a flare for math, but this summer something has really clicked. All of a sudden he seems to be doing math in his head all the time.

Here’s some things he’s said to me in the past two weeks, completely unprompted:

“50 plus 50 is just 28 less than 64 plus 64.”

“Paying $20 for something is the same as paying $25 and getting $5 change.”

“You can get to 128 really fast by doubling…1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128. See?”

“Why is 7 plus 6 the same as 10 plus 3?”

“I know 80 plus 50 is 130 because 8 plus 5 is 13.”

“When you count by 11s, it’s always the same number repeated again — 22, 33, 44, see?”

“Two dollars is two hundred cents, and 20 dollars is two thousand cents.”

“Gal Smiley goes to bed 45 minutes before me.” (She goes at 6:45; he goes at 7:30.)

“30 times 2 is the same as 20 times 3.”

When I explained that I had to pay $10 for parking three times while in the hospital with him, three more times while in the hospital with Gal Smiley, and five times while in the hospital with Little Miss Sunshine, “Oh my GOD, you spent $110 on parking??”

And, when Sir Monkeypants asks him about any particular square on the Snakes and Ladders board, he can tell you what colour it is, whether or not there is a snake or ladder, and if so, what number it terminates at. Without looking.

He is BLOWING MY MIND. I hope Grade 1 can keep up.

12 thoughts on “Mad Math Skillz

  1. CapnPlanet

    Wow, phenomenal. It’s so cool when kids get into something and have fun with it, and it’s actually something useful.

  2. smokingtoaster

    CapnPlanet sent me the link to this post, and I’m totally amazed! I hope you’re ready for all the trials that come along with a boy genius. 🙂 Maybe his skills aren’t so surprising given who his parents are.

  3. Um, sure, it’s cool, not freaky at all 🙂 You hope kindergarten will be able to keep up? You think his teacher’s not going to be cursing the little smart-ass as she tries to teach kids like mine who can’t even count to ten when allowed to use their fingers? Private school, woman! Mensa! Put him to work as a bond trader!

    Sorry, I’ve gotten hit on the head a lot today (time to reorganize the cupboards).

  4. MrsCarlSagan

    He’s officially better at math than I am. Smart little guy (and cute to boot!)! Maybe he could try his hand at picking some winning lottery numbers for us.

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