What I Think About While Running

If I were the last woman alive in a post-apocalyptic world, this street would be a lot quieter.

Of course, my lawn would get really overgrown and weedy. Who would mow it? That’d be a problem.

What’s that kid got? A freezie? Next time I’m putting a loonie in my shoe so I can stop for a freezie when I pass the corner store.

Why is it that the kids at the skate park are almost never skating? They’ll be sorry they wasted all that skating time when the apocalypse comes.

Hey, I passed that couple out walking last time, too! We’re total exercise buddies! Hi!

It’s been years since I saw an Orange Crush. Do they still make Orange Crush?

Thinking of which, it’s been ages since I listened to that R.E.M. album we have. But if I put it on tomorrow, I’ll just have to deal with a lot of questions about who Kenneth is, and what IS the frequency, anyway. Best to stick to High School Musical 2.

As soon as the apocalypse gets here, I’m going to break into the Quickie and take all the freezies I want. Ha!

Then I’m going to find the last remaining goat on earth to keep the lawn under control.

Hey look, I’m home!

Someone get me an iPod. Seriously.

11 thoughts on “What I Think About While Running

  1. I used to love Orange Crush. Yum! In fact, I like it so much I was actually excited to drink that organge sugary stuff that you have to drink when you are pregnant to check your blood sugar. I chugged it.

  2. “What’s that kid got? A freezie? Next time I’m putting a loonie in my shoe so I can stop for a freezie when I pass the corner store.”

    That is an AWESOME idea! I am totally copying it! LOL. I miss the days of eating freezies and spending summers lounging around.

  3. Whenever I’m out running and I pass a pond or river, I just want to jump right in and drink all of the water! And I also think about how great my butt will look in my jeans, all the while thinking to myself “Just 5 more kilometres”…yeah, I’m vain;)

  4. I have conversations with myself…
    I solve all the worlds problems… and sometimes I count. (less than 100 seconds until the next walk break then I count backwords.)

    (You can pick up a shuffle for next to nothing now.)

  5. You’d still mow your lawn even if you were the last person on earth? I can barely mow mine twice a month even with the neighbours shooting me dirty looks over the fence almost daily!

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