Nigel Sucks.

Yesterday’s post on home allergy testing seems to be causing a stir, so out of fear of potential future lawsuits, just let me say this: if you honestly suspect you have a serious allergy to something, you should have your test done in a doctor’s office. That’s because there is a small but real chance of an analphylatic reaction. We felt confident doing our test at home because the Captain’s reactions are low and he’s never had a problem with prick tests in the past.

Thus ends today’s PSA.

In other news, I wasn’t planning on writing any more about So You Think You Can Dance, but the season feels unfinished without a few comments about the finale.

Let me just say this: I totally called it.

Also, I would like to complain about the selection of the finale dances. There were THREE selections by Louis Van Amstel. I know Nigel is psyched that he “stole” Louis from “that other dance show” (i.e. Dancing with the Stars, the one with much better ratings). But seriously? One number of his would have been more than enough. Louis was a far cry from a top choreographer this season and so many other choreographers were ignored in his favour. I hope Nigel is happy he took this childish opportunity to rub Dancing With The Stars’ face in it, because he also probably pissed off Sonya, Wade Robson, Tony Meredith, Laurie Gibson, Mandy Moore, Shane Sparks, Jean-Marc Genereaux, and any number of other workhorse choreographers for this show who were not featured AT ALL.

Nigel, you sucketh.

SYTYCD Canada has already started, and the next season of SYTYCD (are you ready for PRIME TIME?) starts September 16th, just a few weeks away. Yay, dancing!

One thought on “Nigel Sucks.

  1. Gah…
    the last two episodes were a bit of a mess… and well, waltzes are boring…. snoooozes….
    I really don’t think the big stage is a good thing for the folks watching it at home. It’s like the camera guys had even less of a clue than they normally did.

    As for SYTYCD Canada, I would like Leah Miller to leave her face alone. She used to be pretty now she looks like a large-mouth bass.

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