Little Miss Sunshine is in a cute phase right now where she repeats everything you say.

At TOP VOLUME, of course, because the Little Miss makes up for her small stature by being the loudest person in our family.

A typical morning conversation around here goes like this:

Gal Smiley: Where did the Captain go?

Little Miss: CAPTAIN? GO?

Sir Monkeypants: He’s watching TV.

Little Miss: TEE? VEE?

Gal Smiley: What is he watching?

Little Miss: HE? WAA-HING?

Sir Monkeypants: Electric Company. I like to beatbox!

Little Miss: BWEAT? BOX?

Gal Smiley: Hey, Captain, do you want to come and play Twister?

Little Miss: TWEESTER?

Captain: Sure, let’s go.

Little Miss: LET’S! GO!

And they’re off.

One thought on “JUICE? BAG?

  1. sounds both cute and irritating (if it’s just cute) then forgive me for projecting.

    I love The Boy to death but once in a while he gets on that last nerve…

    Bad mom confessions #245

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