Blog Out Loud last night was great! I was (mostly) chill and had such a good time. I met some fantastic people and saw some of my favourite blogger friends. The cafe turned out to be the perfect size and a great venue for the event. The microphone worked, I ate a yummy piece of cake (FameThrowa, just realized I owe you $2), and I made it through my own reading without passing out. By the end of the evening my cheeks were sore from smiling so much!

And now, I am sleepy. I got to bed later than usual and then Little Miss Sunshine woke up at 4:30 this morning with the World’s Stinkiest Poo. Seriously, it would definitely win world records except that I could not keep it around in the house for verification. Thank God it is garbage day. As it is I think a full household fumigation may be in order.

So yes, a little light on sleep last night.

I hear that last night’s So You Think You Can Dance was a jaw-dropping extravaganza so my plans for today are to return the microphone and speaker from last night, then park my butt on the couch with a huge bowl of something that is not good for me and watch dance show. Twice.

See you next year!

13 thoughts on “Sleepy.

  1. It really was a great evening, Lynn. Kudos to you! Everything was perfect. Word will get around so when you organize this next year (yes, you’re nominated) we’ll need a bigger venue for all the people clamouring to get in. Now you can relax for a couple of weeks before getting to work on next year’s event. Ha ha

  2. MrsCarlSagan

    Congratulations! I am so glad it went well – looking forward to hearing all the details.

  3. Awesome night Lynn! It was also great to meet you. Sorry we had to leave early, but we had to get back to our furbabies.
    Looking forward to the next one!:)

  4. Lynn you did an amazing job! I agree with XUP, a bigger venue will be needed next year because it will be the place to be.
    Thanks for everything.

  5. Woodsy

    Thank you Lynn for organizing a memorable Blog Out Loud. Well done – the bloggers were great, the venue was ideal, and you are fabulous,

  6. Thanks once again for giving all these wonderful people a chance to hear my voice, a pastime about which I am quite enthusiastic. Lest these people suffer from withdrawal, when’s the next one?

    Oh, the other readers were good too! 😉

    – RG>

  7. Would you stop blogging and go watch SYTYCD! Really woman priorities.

    I had a wonderful time last time, and I too was surprised when I did not pass out from stage fright as well. Although, I suspect that if you’d passed out, it would have set a dangerous precendent, and we’d both have had some serious floor time. (Thanks to my cheering blogger cheering section.)

    A huge huge thanks for organizing this, drop me a line if you’d like help for next time.

  8. Was great – thanks again for fitting me in! Your story was particularly touching to me, as I have several girls too – at 7 and 9 now – and I think they’re the perfect age – and don’t want them to grow any older!
    By the way – they’re dancers – and huge dance fans and were VERY disappointed with the voting last night – as was I… I can’t believe ******** was the girl to leave!!! She was my favourite…

  9. coffeewithjulie

    Lynn – I can’t thank you enough for organizing such a wonderful event. You pulled it all off so gracefully and it was a real treat to put faces to blogs. I’d gush on more but I’ve got a baby with a very stinky poo here too that needs immediate attention!

  10. I had a lot of fun last night. I was so impressed with everybody who got up and stood at the microphone and read their stuff. Especially the ones who were scared. Well done! Thanks Lynn for letting me have a confident and talented stand-in read my stuff. Maybe next year I’ll worked up enough courage to read out loud at Blog Out Loud. (Probably not, but I’ve heard of stranger things happening.)

    Anyway, thanks so much for thinking up the brilliant concept and organizing the event down to the last detail. You done good.

  11. I also had a wonderful time. I only wish I could have talked to more bloggers. Can’t wait for next year! And I will be on leave so I can help you more in the organizing department 🙂

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