In All My Glory

Amy at Muddy Boots is challenging folks to post a picture of themselves straight from the shower, with no makeup on.

I laughed to think of that as a “challenge,” because I never wear any makeup, ever. Not that I shouldn’t, I just can’t be bothered. My post-shower beauty routine goes like this: 1. Comb hair. 2. Apply lip balm. Good to go.

So here I am, fresh from the shower. This photo is a little misleading because my hair is still wet. When it gets dry it frizzes right out. With today’s weather it should be like a huge corona around my entire head by BOLO tonight.


Anyway, this should help everyone pick me out of the crowd. And thanks everyone for your great messages — I think I’ve chilled out. Chill! That’s the word of the day.

4 thoughts on “In All My Glory

  1. porter

    the three of you gals (you, muddy and andrea) are all beauties! is it the ottawa air? i used to be beautiful when i lived there…honest!

    good luck tonight.

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