Woot Jeanine!

Hey, I just remembered that Monday is supposed to be So You Think You Can Dance ranking day!

Bet you really, really, were hoping I’d remember that, weren’t you?

First off, let me say that I really dislike it when a dancer works very hard to create a serious mood during their solo, and then busts out into cheesy wamma-lamma-ding-dong rocking out during the “So you think you can dance…dance…dance…” cutoff music. The correct action is to pause your dancing, smile openly, and drop character, before politely and calmly walking over to join Cat. Seriously, Ade, Melissa, Brandon…you are ON NOTICE.

Anyway, this week’s rankings.

1. Jeanine. I know! It seems so unlikely! She just doesn’t have the moves or the tricks of most of the other dancers. Here’s the thing though: I love her. And this whole while I thought I was being clever and alternative with my pick, it turns out everyone else was secretly loving her, too. Crazy! Her momentum and style remind me of Sabra from Season 3. I think she has a real chance to win it.

2. Janette. I expected her solo to be weak, and while the dancing was good, it’s just a fact that ballroom dance solos are a lot of butt shaking and little else. As well, I found her hip-hop this week to be a little stilted. Still, she’s built up a lot of goodwill from her amazing performances of previous weeks; now she just has to remember that she has to keep earning our love every time.

3. Ade. I’m going to assume that Ade’s visit to the bottom four was some sort of crazy mass American mental fart, in which everyone assumed that everyone else would be voting for him, and so didn’t bother. Seriously, his solos are dazzling, he was so groovy with the hip-hop this week, and he seems like such a sweet guy — what could possibly be the problem? Plus, Captain Jelly Belly has taken to going around the house with no shirt on and insisting on being called “Ade.” Now that’s the love of the common people, right there.

4. Jason. Ooooh, Jason did not disappoint me this week. He and Jeanine were so good. At first I thought the necklace thing was going to be cheesy, but they sold it, in spades. Jason reminds me of Neil from Season 3 — cute, popular, good enough at everything to get through to the top 4.

5. Evan. Okay, I admit it, I was possibly a little premature in counting Evan out last week. Remember when I suggested it would be a disaster if he were paired with Kayla for some sort of dance involving grace and lifts? That’s exactly what happened…and Evan rocked it. Despite criticism from Mary for his style, I thought he was great. I’m totally with Debbie Allen, “You handled your big woman!” I’d like to see better solos (although, AWESOME taste in music, you cannot go wrong with Rufus Wainwright), but otherwise, Evan can stay.

6. Kayla. Holy moley, producers — stop giving Kayla onscreen interview time. Seriously. She is such a lovely dancer, and totally inhabits her characters. Yet when asked to speak as herself… she really comes across as dull. Even, as my friend Nat would say, “dumb as a post.” It is not good. Plus, her solos are still nothing to write home about.

7. Brandon. Brandon, you’re the best. You’re the king, you will definitely have a future as a professional dancer, you rock. However, I fear you will not win this show. There’s just something that’s not clicking with the audience, unfortunately. Plus, I was looking forward to a slam-wow solo, and instead there was too much frantic spasms. Unless Brandon hits it out of the park this week, I think he’ll be out.

8. Melissa. Again, Melissa, you are a fantastic and unique dancer, but for some reason, the voters just like the other gals better. I was happy to see Randi go home last week instead of her, but this week I think it’s her time.

As for this week’s couples, I was wrong last week on all counts. Do you think the couples were really drawn completely at random (with the caveat, of course, that none of the original couples would stay together)? And if so, do you think the styles were also really assigned at random? It does claim that both were completely random in the small print that they show at the end of the program (I checked). Truth, or legal technicality?

In any case, as they try not to repeat couples in this phase of the competition, it does get easier to predict who will be matched with whom. Or, you can use my predictions as a clear indicator as to who will NOT be matched with whom :).

Janette and Jason
Melissa and Evan
Jeanine and Brandon
Kayla and Ade

8 thoughts on “Woot Jeanine!

  1. Kayla… I just don’t understand Kayla. She’s pretty but I don’t get it. Dare I say the child is stupid, (and the bit with the group dance, it seems to me, she’s a touch full of herself.)

    Jeanine totally surprised me, and I don’t think Ade deserved bottom 4.

    I hope Kayla goes home this week, but I expected it will be Melissa (also lukewarm on her.) or Jeanine (unless she hits it out of the park again this week.) Boys… dunno. The boys aren’t doing it for me… seems even has a following but he’d be my pick.

    (You need to go check out Television Without Pity’s recap of the results show.)

  2. I thought Jason’s solo was the best of the bunch. The other three have to pick it up. As much as I love Ade, I didn’t think his was that great this week.

    Can’t wait to see Ellen as one of the judges this week. Should be interesting. And disappointed that I will miss the Katie Holmes number on the results show! I’ll have to YouTube it when I get home from BOLO.

  3. Huh?

    Jeanine is cute and all, but her technique is nowhere as good as Kayla’s, her snap isn’t as crisp as Janette, and I’m not even sure she emotes as well as Melissa. For me, she’s the weakest left of the four.

    As for the guys, again, I’m going to have to disagree. Ade seems like a nice guy who can jump really well, but he has 0 personality when he dances. Dry, dry, dry. Not enough snap. Not even enough strength. For me, he’s the weakest of the 4 guys left.

    I really really liked Evan’s solo. It was so well put together, and he’s clearly a stronger dancer than I had thought.

    Here’s how I’d rank the remaining contestants:


    Although I really wish we could see Melissa do hip hop. I’m totally unsure how that would go.

    1. I think that that is close to exactly how I would rate the dancers in terms of actual skill and quality (although I would swap Ade for Evan).

      But my rankings are based on how I think they are actually going to do in the competition. I’m trying to guess how people are going to vote — as Cat likes to say, it’s “America’s FAVOURITE dancer,” not “Best Dancer in America.”

      It’s weird that although Jeanine is probably the weakest woman left…people love her! I think she’s hilarious. And adorable. I’d vote for her :).

  4. coffeewithjulie

    Can’t wait to see the show tomorrow! As for who’s what … well, I think Evan is rightly on his way out. Melissa is awesome but not charismatic enough for votes. Really, I don’t “love” any of them yet. I just love the dancing and Mary’s ability to scream like a banchi without making a wrinkle on her brow. It’s good stuff.

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