Things I Have In Common

Five things I have in common with:

The Captain

  1. Following rules to the letter at all times; getting upset when others break the rules
  2. Curiosity about the way things work
  3. Extreme tentativeness when it comes to physical things – fear of dunking underwater, fear of jumping from high places, fear of riding a bike
  4. Photographic memory for song lyrics
  5. Love of games and game shows

The Gal

  1. Putting out enough heat to warm a house for a year when sleepy/sleeping
  2. Loyalty to friends and family
  3. Extreme dislike of being the centre of attention, of feeling like people are looking at you or noticing you
  4. Stubborn as all hell
  5. So very, very pokey at eating, getting dressed, and getting going in the morning (I hear my mother laughing with glee now, this was always her major complaint about me)

The Little Miss

  1. A lightning quick temper and a patented frowny face is me to a tee
  3. Love of dancing
  4. Love of reading
  5. Love of life

4 thoughts on “Things I Have In Common

  1. I like that. I may have to borrow this as a post idea. I will, of course, attribute any bad personality traits to the husband.

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