On The Road Again

We’re off this morning for another long road trip to visit the grandparents. Six hours in the car, and what do I have to look forward to at the other end? NO INTERNET ACCESS.

Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid a panic attack.

On the plus side, I’m getting really good at packing for this trip. This time I left everything until the last minute but managed to just throw the usual stuff in the usual boxes and it was much less work than I thought it would be. DisneyWorld, we’re practically ready for you!

We’ll be back late next week. While we’re away, a friend of mine will be monitoring the Blog Out Loud mail, so if you’ve been hemming and hawing about submitting something, don’t use me being away as an excuse! We only have room for 4-5 more readers so now is the time to commit.

Also, if anyone has anything they’d like to hand out at BOLO (it’s all about the freebies!), then let me know. I’m thinking of putting together a swag bag, if I can get some donations. Just email the usual account (lynnturtlehead at gmail dot com) and my partner in crime will take care of it all.

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