Straightening Up

I spent an hour this morning cleaning out my closet, sorting everything by size. Since I’ve lost some weight this past year, I have a huge amount of clothes that are now too big, but I’m too superstitious to get rid of them just yet. What do you think – what is the statute of limitations on keeping clothes that no longer fit? How long before you feel like you can safely say, by the time I am that size again, these will no longer be in style?

I’m thinking at least five years. Maybe ten. I don’t get to the mall that often.

While I was piling up the too-big clothes, I found a bag of caramel Hershey kisses in the back of the shelves. Sir Monkeypants suggested that maybe the clothes were trying to defend themselves: “Oh, you’re going to get rid of us? How about you just have some of this chocolate, and we’ll talk about it later?” Hee hee.

I found two pairs of shorts that are about 15 years old, that have been too small for me for quite a while now (told you I don’t get to the mall often). I tried them on this morning and they are a bit baggy but will do for this summer. The weird thing is, they should be a few sizes too big. They’re a size 12, and I’m currently shopping in stores at a size 6/8 level. It shows how much stores have upsized their clothes in the past few years.

I’m sure it better reflects the current North American population, but I wonder, where do the really small people shop? Even after losing the baby weight I would not describe myself as a slim person, so if I’m taking a size small in pants…what the heck is Katie Holmes wearing? She must shop in the kids’ section, I guess!

In any case, it’s very nice having an organized closet.

3 thoughts on “Straightening Up

  1. Yeah you for the weight loss, first and formost. As for when to get ride of the clothing, I go with two years, but often push it to three. After I lost the baby weight I realised how much my body shape had changed and there was no way my new boobs were going to fit into anything I owned, so I had to do a massive cull. Though the bag actually only left for Sally Ann about a month ago. When the pile at the bottom of my closet started to creep out the door, I figured it was time. Unfortunately my clothes were not clever enough to leave me chocolate.

  2. I loved cleaning out my closet. I gave myself a 6 month rule. If I don’t wear something for 6 months its gonzo (and sometimes I go with 3 months). It makes like easier, although I have to admit that I am missing all my larger pants now that I am preggy. I could use that extra room. Oh well, maternity pants it will be (soon, not yet, but soon)

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