Handicapping SYTYCD

We’re into the top 12 on SYTYCD now, and that means I am officially obsessed.

Last year I fought and fought against it, but I found the only way I could get anything done around here is to vomit all my Dance Show thoughts all over this blog. Clear my head, take out the garbage, so to speak.

So, let’s rank the remaining candidates, shall we?

1. Brandon. Is there nothing he can’t do? So far he’s rocked the hip-hop, ballroom, and disco, and we KNOW he can rock the contemporary. I can easily see him pairing with any of the other women, and his solos are going to be awesome. He’s the frontrunner.

2. Janette. She’s a little firecracker and seems able to handle any style despite having no formal training. She’s got The Snap, which is something all dancers dream of having. She’s lucky to have electric chemistry with Brandon; I hope she can do as well with other partners.

3. Melissa. Every movement of hers is definite. She’s in control of every single body part at all times. I love her facial expressions, too. For some reason, I find her a little reserved from the audience, and I worry about the day she draws hip-hop. Still, she’s been nothing but impressive so far.

4. Ade. What’s with the hairpick, dude? Still, I find Ade to be totally charming and modest. I don’t even know what his native style is, because he was never featured before the top 20, but so far, he’s done great. He’s a good partner for Melissa, but also stands out and draws our attention to him, which is a tough job. I’d love to see him do a solo so I can get a better idea of what his real strengths are.

5. Jeanine. What I love most about Jeanine is her attitude — she’s so positive all the time. Also, she should apparently give up this contemporary crap and become a hip hop dancer, because she ROCKS the hip hop, totally keeping up with Phillip. I mean, when Phillip is on stage, and yet my eye is still drawn to Jeanine, that’s saying something. I can’t wait to see her paired with some other dancers.

6. Kayla. This week was the first time I really saw something special there. She’s obviously flexible and strong, but seemed a little…bland. This week she was awesome during the show, although her solo was not that great, so she continues to be kind of a mixed bag. Still, I think she’ll be a solid performer going forward.

7. Jason. I don’t think Jason gets the credit he deserves — the judges are always fawning all over Caitlin but Jason is clearly the stronger dancer in his couple. He’s strong and interesting, and he does a fairly good job at partnering. Good solos, too.

8. Randi. She’s so cute, and despite her fluffy bubbly personality, she’s able to really get into character onstage. I think she’ll be a great match with any of the male partners, but she needs to work on standing out from the crowd a bit more.

9. Evan. Okay, I love Evan, although he hasn’t been as strong as I thought he would be. I love his personal style, but he wasn’t great at Broadway, and I fear the hip hop. Oh my God, can you even imagine Evan and Randi doing krump? Hee hee. Also, Evan has a great click with Randi but he’s in real trouble when they split up the partners, because of his height. I can’t imagine him partnering Melissa or Kayla. So while he might make the top 10, I don’t think he will win.

10. Phillip. Clearly, there are more skilled and more well rounded dancers. But I ADORE the Chbeeb. ADORE. There’s no question that if the voting were based on personal style alone, he would win. As it is, I’d just love to see him make the top 10. He’ll have to really kick it this week at whatever they give him (my prediction: contemporary) to avoid being eliminated on Thursday.

11. Kupono. I don’t know about Kupono. He’s actually danced really well in his routines, and he’s really well matched with Kayla. Plus, he’d probably make a more versatile partner in the top 10 than Evan or Phillip. But his solos totally suck, and he just doesn’t pop when he’s on stage — I’m always watching Kayla. So he’d be my pick to go home this week.

12. Caitlin. I do not understand why the judges love Caitlin so much. I like her personality, but I really feel that her dancing has not been great. She’s the only dancer right now in the competition that I actively want to see go home. She’s all flashy tricks, but doesn’t have the smoothness of Melissa or the great transitions of Janette. She just doesn’t have The Snap, and I don’t buy it when she tries to get into character. She’s the girl who I think should be voted out this week.

That’s it…sorry for the obsessiveness, but I’m afraid I intend to make this a weekly post. Otherwise, I’ll never get the dishes done!

5 thoughts on “Handicapping SYTYCD

  1. Great. Now all I’m thinking about is dance!

    I’ll keep the commentary sparse, but here is how I’d rank the remaining dancers:

    1. Brandon
    2. Janette – so much better than I would have expected!
    3. Kayla
    4. Melissa – good point about her facial expressions. She’s so expressive!
    5. Randi
    6. Phillip – yes, a one-trick pony but, damn, that trick is GOOD!
    7. Jeanine
    8. Jason
    9. Ade – I don’t see what the big deal is about Ade yet although Melissa has grown on me since the first week.
    10. Kupono
    11. Evan
    12. Caitlin – very amateurish. Watching her dance makes me feel like I’m watching some dance recital. I think folks are dazzled by her acrobatics, which are really good. I’m pretty sure she’s Mr. Chatty’s favourite.

  2. I don’t know anything about dancing, but the Brandon + Janette ChaCha and Disco routines I saw on YouTube were both very impressive.

    Do you generally watch the show twice – once to watch one partner, and a second time to watch the other? It’s a show where I can see Tivo coming in really handy.

  3. FTR — I would like it stated that I am my cha cha looks just like that!!! And my ass looks that good in that outfit too.

    Janette and Brandon. (I loved loved loved their hip hop.) God I love Brandon. And well, I’ve done Ballroom and there’s rocks. My favourite couple. If they don’t both make the top 10 I will be very sad. Amazing dancers…

    Melissa and Ade. It may be her ballet training but, she strikes me as cold. I try to like her… I really do. Because well if she’s “old” for a dancer… I am an antique. I never really thought of the styles before but I smelled a fix that she got the pas de deux. (Just saying.)

    Caitlin and Jason — I actually didn’t think any of their routines have beenparticularly outstanding. The Bollywood looked sloppy and well, every thing else has been just meh. You know?I think they’ll make the top 10, but ithey are vanilla.

    Kayla and Kukono — I hate her. She’s got a stripper vibe. Maybe it’s the hair. I want to smoke a joint with Kukono… I think I love him. I actually like his solos… I always get the feeling they don’t matter. I think he’s beautiful. I do. I think there are better dancers but I hope he sticks around so I can see him without her.

    As for Randy and Evan… I think they are fun. I thought they looked tired last week. But I adore the Mia Michaels routine about her ass. Loved it. He reminds me of the winner from the first season… what was his name. Did that killer samba with his cousin (kind of creepy but they’re mormons…)

    Philip and Jeanine… I think he’s amazing. But I don’t know how much farther either of them can go in this competition. She’s good but nothing special… they may keep him on to keep one hip hopper in the competition.

    Good group this year.

  4. I find every show Caitlin looks like she is going to cry all the time. Maybe she needs more self esteem.

    So far my faves are Brandon, Janette and Ade.

    That ChaCha Brandon and Janette did was AWESOME!

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