Lucky Lucky Lucky

The lovely and charming BeachMama had a giveaway last week to celebrate her fourth blogiversary…and I won! I was so excited, I have to say, I really, really wanted the prize pack.

We don’t live too far apart, so BeachMama dropped it off in person, which I thought was an added bonus. But then, I totally missed out on meeting her because she arrived exactly during the two-minute time span when I was putting Little Miss Sunshine down for her nap. DOH.

In any case, she did leave some lovely things in her wake.

First, there’s this hand cream and foot cream set from Cake:


I haven’t heard of Cake before and I have no idea where this stuff comes from, but I WILL FIND OUT. It’s so delicious smelling, I can’t decide if I should smear it on my body or have it for dessert. Plus, it really works. It is nice stuff, people.

There’s also this pretty purple polish from Sephora:


Gal Smiley is super excited about the nail polish – I think I will let her try some for the first time. Sir Monkeypants is too, because now I will hopefully stop going around with open toed sandals and naked toenails. SO GAUCHE.

I probably don’t have to mention for the millionth time that I love paper products, and this little Ecojet notebook makes me very, very happy:


Also, I ADORE the pen. On top of my paper fetish, I also have a bit of a pen fetish. This is a Zebra Clip and it meets all my pen must-haves — clicky (no caps, please), funky colour, comfy and squishy in my fingers, smooooooth when writing. LOVE IT.

Lastly, there’s this beautiful set of notecards made by BeachMama herself:

BeachMama Postcards

These will be so perfect for thank-you notes or the little letters I include when I’m mailing photos of the kids to their grandparents. Sir Monkeypants especially loves the footprint one, and if we ever get around to redecorating our bathroom I think we would use this print as a jumping off point. You can buy these cards and larger prints over at BeachMama’s Etsy Shop.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to ENJOY. Thanks, BeachMama!

7 thoughts on “Lucky Lucky Lucky

  1. Melanie

    Awesome prize! I’ve got a paper fetish too. And Cake makes such yummy smelling stuff, plus they’re Canadian.

  2. Oh Lynn, how did I miss your post? I think I was away at the Beach. I am so glad that you liked your package and I am sorry we missed each other, we will meet soon though :).

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