Nothing Makes Your Heart Race Like Calling 911

CapnPlanet and SmokingToaster have come and gone, and it was a great crazy messy loud visit. It was so, so very good to see them again — I just love talking to them. Although we’ve all finally admitted that they are going to live in California forever and ever, I like to imagine they live next door.

And we can barbecue with them whenever we want.

And we can play with their sons and watch them grow up into funny sweet kind little boys.

And also that they have a kitchen full of Kraft Dinner and chocolate chip cookies. See what great neighbours they would make?

Unfortunately, the visit was a little marred by the fact that the Captain was pretty sick. On Wednesday evening we went to the kids’ soccer game and he was coughing and complained that his chest hurt. Later that night he woke up vomiting (in his sleeping bag, with Gal Smiley sleeping about 6 inches away — she’s a Sleep Goddess and didn’t even wake up).

The vomiting was bad, but the really scary thing was that he could not breathe. The Captain officially has asthma, but as long as we keep his food allergies under control it really isn’t an issue. It’s been so long since we had any kind of breathing trouble with him that we don’t even think of him as asthmatic. We did our best to help him with his puffer, but after several hours of alternating between vomiting, coughing, and struggling to breathe, Sir Monkeypants finally took him to the emergency room at 4 a.m.

So, it wasn’t exactly a restful night. It made for a thrilling visit for SmokingToaster and CapnPlanet, but I’m sure this wasn’t exactly the kind of thrills they had in mind.

The hospital gave the Captain some steriods and it seemed to help. Yesterday he was fine except for a little cough, nothing major. This morning he had a field trip with his class to a local gymnastics place, so we decided he could go.

Just as SmokingToaster and CapnPlanet were getting ready to pull out of the driveway to head back to southern Ontario, the phone rang. It was the Captain’s teacher calling to let us know that they were at the gymnastics place and the Captain couldn’t breathe, so they were going to call an ambulance.


He’s home now, and doing okay. He’s still breathing raggedly but feeling alright (we have to keep telling him to SIT ON THE COUCH and stop bouncing around). We feel stupid for sending him to school but there you go.

So! Between staying up late to chat with our guests, and dealing with the Captain’s health crises at night, and sleeping on the floor (I gave up my spot in our bed for the Captain), and this morning’s events…it’s been a VERY tiring few days.

I’d say this calls for a nap.

7 thoughts on “Nothing Makes Your Heart Race Like Calling 911

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    Dear God….I’m so sorry to hear that The Captain has been so sick – we’re you at the hospital very long this morning? Did you go meet him there? What an awful, awful phone call to receive. My stomach is just in knots. Do you think all this was allergy induced or just a bout of hardcore asthma?

    I wish you a completely uneventful weekend!!

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