Kickin’ It Old School

Our friends SmokingToaster and CapnPlanet are arriving this afternoon for a four-day visit. I’m so excited!

When they lived here in Ottawa, SmokingToaster and CapnPlanet were our “of course” friends. Like, any event we planned, of course they’d be coming. Any night we had free, of course we would be doing something with them. We used to call them up on Friday evenings and say, “What are you having for dinner?” And they’d say, “Pasta with cream sauce,” and we’d say, “We’ll be over in 15 minutes with dessert.”

That they were too polite to tell us to bug off — Friday after Friday — is why they became our “of course” buddies.

Now they live in San Francisco and although we’ve kept in touch with email, phone calls, and The Dreaded Facebook, we’ve never actually met their two sons in person. Nor have they ever met any of our kids. So we’re really happy to have this opportunity to get to know them and their beautiful boys.

Even though I’m sure I’ll get the shakes, I probably won’t be blogging or commenting for the next four days. Is there a blogging equivalent of Methadone?

I’m sure the crap weather we are having this week is due to SmokingToaster and CapnPlanet’s visit. Nat claims it’s because she finally got around to getting out her summer clothes — and I’m sure that was a contributing factor, NAT — but at the heart of it, I know it’s because our friends are here.

This is practically the only month of the year when we can compete with California, weather-wise, and what does Ontario do? TOTALLY CHUFFS IT. How chuffed is it? I had to dig out mitts and winter hats for my kids to wear on the walk to school yesterday.

IT IS JUNE, people.

Despite the weather, nothing can dampen my spirits today…visitors are arriving! I’m off to make up some beds, bake some muffins, and bask in the glow of friend-love.

9 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Old School

  1. CapnPlanet

    We’re also totally psyched about seeing you guys again (and meeting your family!). We’re almost done packing — will be heading out soon.

    Wish us luck — it’s our first long car trip with the kids. Thankfully we have some great tips from veterans of such trips 🙂

  2. Have an awesome visit with your friends! The weather’s starting to improve here in Toronto…will try to send some sunshine and warmth up your way, too.

  3. Enjoy the weekend with friends. I love hooking with up long time friends that you haven’t seen in ages. It’s like finding an old sweater. Fits perfectly, like you never were without it.

    Have fun!

  4. Have a great visit! My brother, his wife and my little niece (whom I’ve never met!) are here for a week from Vancouver. I hope the nice weather graces us with her presence for the next week while our friends and families visit.


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