June TV Roundup

Pushing Daisies was on last night! I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I’m pretty sure it was a new episode. There are three or four episodes that were never aired, and I guess ABC has decided to actually broadcast them (if showing them at 10 p.m. on Saturday nights can be called “broadcasting”). Whoo hoo! I’m excited.

There’s no way to save the show now, but you should watch them anyway. Then you should buy the DVD, and then you should call everyone you know in Hollywood and tell them to nominate the show for a hundred Emmys. Because even if we can’t save Pushing Daisies, we can honor its memory by encouraging TV execs everywhere to make more shows exactly like it. With the same cast. And writers. And costume designers. Maybe we could call it “Shoving Roses.”

A girl can dream, can’t she?

In other TV news, So You Think You Can Dance has returned. I will try very, very hard not to fill up my blog with talk of Dance Show, as it is known in our house, but really, during Dance Show season I think of little else so it will be tough. For now, just let me say this: CHBEEB. Oh yeah.

And speaking of exciting TV news, I just heard that Lin-Manuel Miranda is joining the cast of House next fall. Every time I think I’m ready to give up that show, they find some way to suck me back in. I adore Lin-Manuel because he ROCKS THE HOUSE on The Electric Company. He’s the genius behind the insta-classic, “Silent E is a Ninja.” It’s a must watch situation.

On the down side, we’ve been filling the time these days watching Season 1 of Rome, a show from a few years back. It came highly recommended by more than one person but so far — we’re on episode 5, I think — I am pretty bored. The writing is just awful — faux-Shakespearean awkwardness mixed with too much exposition. A typcal conversation might be, “Galexus is coming.” “Oh, Galexus your oldest son, with the taste for blood and the many kills in battle?”

Then comes the sound of me slapping my head in horror.

The political stuff is alternately boring, unbelievable, and inconsistent, too. It’s annoying as all hell. Still, I’m sticking it out because there’s precious little else to watch in June, and I really trust the many people who recommended it. So maybe it’ll get good, but for now, I say, stay away. FAR away.

And watch Pushing Daisies instead!

4 thoughts on “June TV Roundup

  1. Chantal: don’t read this comment. It contains spoilers.

    I’d like to concur:


    I have waited 3 long freakin’ years for this. It’s no surprise that I cried watching the last episode. I knew I’d cry whether he got in or didn’t get in, and my tear ducts were right on cue. I held back as best I could since Mr. Chatty was sitting right next to me and would have thought I was totally crazy. He already thinks my Chbeeb obsession is crazy. But clearly he JUST DOESN’T GET IT.

  2. I just lost my comment, so if it posted twice, I’m sorry.

    Started watching SYTYCD and then got ride of cable just before the final 20 were announced. Sort of regretting that decision now. I’ll have to get the updates from you.

    Watch a few Pushing Daisies, but there must have been a conflict with another show (prior to PVR) that I couldn’t stick with it. If I had cable, I would watch the last episodes.

    Loved the season finally of House. Don’t know who Lin-Manual is, but I will you-tube him.

    That’s the first bad thing I’ve heard about Rome. It’s a series that my husband and I were thinking of watching this summer. I’ll let you kno what I think of it if it comes down to that. Have you watched teh Tudors? Loved it. Can’t wait for the next season. And if you are into political stuf how about Battle Star Gallactica? I call it West Wing in space!

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