Do You Smell What the Sheep Is Cooking?

If I ever go back to work full time, I’ll be able to put the following things on my resume:

  • expert at repairs involving packing tape, super glue, and staples
  • uncanny ability to find things that are “lost forever”
  • able to cook dinner for five with one hand
  • encyclopediac knowledge of Star Wars, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Peep
  • water fight strategist and champion
  • Webkinz mastermind

That last one is new this week. Gal Smiley and Captain Jelly Belly have had one Webkinz each for several months, but we never bothered to do the computer thing with them. Then last week, we were at a store that was selling off some styles for $3, so I let them each pick out an animal. The Captain got Crazy the Chimpanzee, and the Gal got Posey the Sheep.

And we thought, for a lark, we’d log into the website and see what was there.

Now all four of us (parents too) are totally obsessed. First, we set up rooms for their Webkinz. We fed them and bought them beds and made them smile and wave at us (SO CUTE). Gal Smiley bought a trampoline and jukebox for hers. Captain Jelly Belly invested in a garden and pool.

Then they ran out of money.

The only way to buy more food and clothes and furniture for your Webkinz is to play online games. You can do trivia or you can pretend to get your Webkinz a job, or you can play little arcade games. But the problem with the arcade games is that they are generally too hard for the Gal and the Captain.

So that means…we’re up.

And oh my God, SO ADDICTIVE.

There’s tetris and racing games and matching games. But the one I’m really obsessed with this this boggle-type game where you can make words. Here’s what it looks like:

You click on adjacent letters to make the longest word possible, then when you register that word, the letters vanish and new ones drop into place. Sometimes a green letter shows up; that gives you a bonus score. Sometimes a red letter shows up; that’s a danger letter, and if it drops all the way to the bottom row, your game is over. You make more and more words, earn points, and then get a pittiance of money to buy apples for your Lamb. Or, if you leave Gal Smiley unsupervised with the computer, she’ll blow all her money on five matching barbecues (which cannot be returned).

Frustrating, but all the more playing for us! So far I think my best word is “dainty.” But I can do better. AND I WILL.

Last night I caught Sir Monkeypants playing this game before bed, and I quickly got engrossed as well. Then I showed him a few new ways to make money (declaring your love for your Webkinz daily, answering super-easy math trivia questions) and then we fed Captain Jelly Belly’s friends and Gal Smiley’s friends and then all six of us went to bed happy.

SmokingToaster and CapnPlanet are coming to visit us in two weeks, and they love word games, and I predict at least one of us will be in front of the Webkinz site all week long.

And it will be the best vacation ever!

6 thoughts on “Do You Smell What the Sheep Is Cooking?

  1. I can admit that I play on my sons webkinz quite regularly (even at work when I need a break). I love Tile Towers but I will have to try the one you play, I never noticed it before, must be new. Oh and you can’t return things you buy, but you can sell them. D does this all the time, which annoys me but its his game so I stay out of it. He will splurge on a full underwater themed room and then a week later get bored with it and sell it all. Or he will be too lazy to play any games and sell stuff to feed his kinz pets… I wonder what kind of dad he will make 🙂

  2. porter

    I’m SOOOOOO glad you admitted to all of us that you like Webkinz…I DO TOO! I catch Bert playing it sometimes too. I have never seen the game you are refering too…I’m off to check it out!

  3. I play all the time! Diner Dash is my favourite. Abby actually got her Dad a webkinz for his birthday so he’d stop hogging hers. Nice to know I’m in such good company.

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