Go Daddy Go

Sir Monkeypants is running the half-marathon today in the National Capital annual races. He’s been training for this for weeks and we are all so proud of him.

I’m taking all three kids downtown with me in a couple of hours so we can be there to cheer for the big finish. The kids are quite into it — Captain Jelly Belly has made a little bib-number of his own to match his Daddy’s. I think we’ll make a Go Daddy Go sign, too (shhh).

I consider this stage one of my training for Disneyworld. If I can navigate three kids through massive crowds and heat by myself — manage to snack them and take them to the bathroom and keep up their enthusiasm for the project — then I’ll consider it a big success.

Hell, if I can find parking within a five kilometer radius, it’ll be a big success!

Good luck, Sir Monkeypants…we love you.

4 thoughts on “Go Daddy Go

  1. lifeonthego

    This is one of my favourite Ottawa events! Hope you and the kids managed to navigate the crowds okay. I know how motivating it can be to have people cheer you on. I’m sure Sir Monkeypants had a better run just knowing you were there!

  2. Hope it all went well and Sir Monkeypants come in with a time he was hoping for, you managed to find parking within 5km and didn’t loose any of the kids! Lve to hear about how it all went down.

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