This Post is Crap

I have total blog block. Every time I sit down to post I end up writing a bit of crap, eating a bit of crap, then reading some non-crap that makes me think my stuff is even more crap.

So to break out of the funk I’ve decided to just slam out some crap thoughts, in crap form, to make room for something that is hopefully non-crap.

  • It’s apricot season! Unlike a lot of fruits and veggies, which you can get all year round if you’re willing to pay for them, apricots are only around for a month or two a year. I adore apricots, and I’ve just learned that Little Miss Sunshine does, too. So we’re both very happy…although there have been a few squabbles over the apricot bowl. I’m bigger, but she’s tougher and has wicked sharp little nails. It’s kind of a draw.
  • Dollhouse got renewed! I love Joss Whedon, and I shall follow him wherever he goes. Dollhouse started off slow but the season ender was awesome, awesome, awesome. Next year’s order is for just 13 episodes at a reduced budget, but I’m still looking forward to it. Castle got renewed too — we’ve been watching it, it’s okay, sort of a time-filler show — and Chuck got renewed too, but also for a short season order at a reduced budget. Still, whoo hoo! Good for the networks for taking some chances and letting shows grow.
  • Thank God for spring-like weather! It’s been a little rainy and a little windy this past week but at least we’ve been able to get outside every day. I’ve been weeding the lawn and pushing the kids on the swings and sitting on the patio with Queen Charming from next door with cups of lemonade. Just being able to spend a little time outdoors makes us all much less likely to kill each other by the end of the day. And that is a good thing.
  • We’ve been invited to a wedding in July! This is our first proper wedding since 2002 — since then I’ve been to two post-wedding celebration parties but no ceremonies or traditional receptions. I have absolutely nothing to wear, so I must shop, which is horrifying. On the plus side, however, if I get a dress early enough I have given myself permission to order one pair of earrings to match the dress from Etsy. The thought of buying something on Etsy makes my mouth water. So a-shopping I will go! Also, I should mention that we will be taking all three kids to this event. We debated about getting a sitter, but the kids were interested and have (obviously) never been to a wedding before, and since we aren’t involved in the wedding party or anything we’re free to duck out whenever the kids get tired, so…we’re going for it. Sir Monkeypants will realize his dream of dancing with his pretty-dressed daughters! I’m packing the camera now.
  • This morning at the Superstore, the lady behind me in line helped me load my groceries on the belt, then chatted with and entertained the Little Miss while I paid. Then another lady in the parking lot offered to take my empty cart back up to the store for me. Little things both — maybe even just common courtesy — but they really warmed my heart. It’s amazing what a small gesture it takes to make you think that all is well with the world.

I guess this explains why I have blog block — I’m too freakin’ happy. I need to get out there and find some angst sources so I can get a good rant on. That’ll fix me!

5 thoughts on “This Post is Crap

  1. fame_throwa

    This post was vital! I might have missed a few days of apricot season had you not reminded me it has started.


  2. Happy posts are good! Maybe that’s why I’m not blogging much lately, either? Hmmm…we did have a very good long weekend, come to think of it. I

    f the price of happiness is fewer blogposts, I think that’s an okay trade-off.

  3. Good luck finding a dress. I hope you find one quick and get to do some Etsy shopping. I’ve heard it said before and I firmly believe it is true — random acts of kindness can change the world.

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