The Missing Piece

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that there are two other Jam Panda books that we don’t own, but it turns out there are four more. We have Animals and Opposites, but we’re missing Shapes, Colours, Counting, and Weather.

So naturally, I had to look on eBay to see if they were available for sale. And this being the internet, of course they were.

Now I have to talk myself out of sending $25 of our hard-earned dollars to the UK just so I can round out my Jam Panda set. Seriously, our kids will be just fine without additional Jam Panda exposure. We have a hundred books here, and if we do need something new, our local bookstore and library have hundreds more. We don’t need the rest of the books.

But…it’s a set. I have this overwhelming need to complete the set.

I’m like this with a lot of the kids’ toys. When the Captain was a baby, I couldn’t go to bed at night if there was a piece missing from a puzzle, or a shape missing from his shapes ball, or a ring missing from the ring stacker. I had to scour the house until every ball from the ball tower was accounted for, every part of Mr. Potato Head safe in its container.

When the Captain got into Thomas the Tank Engine, we started collecting in earnest, collecting all of the major trains and quite a few of the lesser ones. When he moved on to Lightning McQueen dinky cars, I followed tip after tip from family and friends, dashing to stores throughout the city to get a hold of this or that rare car. I needed to have THEM ALL.

And of course, they all needed to be accounted for at the end of the day. Heaven forbid we could not find Chick Hicks. WHERE IS CHICK HICKS? No one would get any sleep.

I used to think this is was some weird flaw in my personality but now I think it’s just human nature. There’s a reason why they say, “Collect them all!” in those McDonald’s commercials for Olympics cups. There must be some fundamental thing about us that likes a complete set.

I know I do. I even feel uneasy when any one member of the family is out of the house. I like us all to be together — the family set.

Anyway, we’re trying to save some money around here these days so I’m trying to think logically, for once, and stop myself from eBay frivolity.

I think I’ll take my mind off it by doing every puzzle in the house and making sure all the pieces are there.

(And then spending hours searching the house when I find one with a piece missing!)

3 thoughts on “The Missing Piece

  1. Oh you would hate coming to our house. There are pieces of puzzles hidden in various corners, different toys packed up together in different boxes and rings but nothing to stack them on (I have no idea how we lost the stacker!). Pretty much chaos. We might need a de-clutterer to come to our place and set us straight!

  2. porter

    Our toys get so mixed up and I try, I try, I TRY to keep things organized. The trouble I find is that a) we haven’t got loads of space so it’s easy for things to get mixed up b) I never made my kids put toys away before they began playing with another (how do people do this?) c) when the kids (or probably more so, when Bert) puts the toys away they never get put back into the bin, basket, container that is labelled for them to go into!!!!!

    So how do you store your toys?

  3. Stop the madness!! Don’t buy the other books. Let it be a project for the kids when they get older…if they’re still interested. I make it a point never to have a set of anything. None of my furniture matches. None of my dishes match. None of my cutlery is a set of anything

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