Don’t Put Things In Your Mouth

When I was a kid, my grandmother gave my sisters and me a bunch of old 78 records that she wasn’t using anymore. Most of them were big band-type music, but there were three or four that had kids’ music on them. We loved these and listened to them over and over again, even though the music is crazy weird and full of odd messages.

My sister FameThrowa’s favourite tune from these records was “Don’t Put Things In Your Mouth.” Little Miss Sunshine is teething again (and so very, very cranky, I might add), and so she is sticking anything and everything in her mouth. Every time she does it I hum this tune. It’s a classic!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Put Things In Your Mouth

  1. what a cute little song. I should play it for my neighbours 3.5 year old son. he was over at our place yesterday aft and he kept putting M’s toys in his mouth. M kept yelling “J… get my toy out of your mouth!!!!

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