Rock and Roll

With the (slightly) warmer weather, we’ve been getting out and about a bit. Little Miss Sunshine is so excited when we go for a walk — she doesn’t remember last year’s summertime, and everything is new and fascinating and ready to be discovered. This is definitely one of the best things about having children — seeing everything as if for the first time. Everything seems wonderful and dazzling and magical.

Her big thing so far this spring is this unbelievably fabulous thing called ROCKS. Have you heard of them? They are SO COOL. Little pieces of hard stuff! Different sizes, different colours! You can hold them in your hand, or even put them IN YOUR POCKET!


Little Miss is quite the talker so she says the word, “ROCK” very well. Whenever we’re outside now, even if its just to cross the street to meet the school bus, she’s overcome with the thrill of finding rock after rock. She picks them up and carries one in each hand and is so, so proud of herself for being able to hold a rock, and for being able to tell me what it is.

She’ll squeal when she sees one and yell, “ROCK!” She’ll pick one up and hold it out for me to admire, and say, “ROCK!” She’ll slip one in the pocket of her coat then check over and over to make sure that it’s there, and every time she’ll greet it with, “ROCK!”

It seriously freakin’ adorable.

Until we try to leave the rocks at the front door, that is!

Spring is going to rock.

7 thoughts on “Rock and Roll

  1. Ah yes, the gold old days. Has she discovered sticks yet? Sticks seem to be very, very popular with the younger set.

  2. it is the little things isn’t it?

    Lulu is fascinated by things like pinecones, sticks, leaves and stones.
    and all that cash we spend at toys R us…what a waste.

  3. Max is a big fan of rocks too. Our neighbour a few doors down has a rock driveway. He’ll barely touch down on the pavement getting out of the car and his half way down the street yelling “I get rocks!” And sticks are definately a huge attraction as well.

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