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I don’t want to crowd up this blog with lots of American Idol chatter, now that I’m a total convert to the cult, but I have to say that Blind Scott’s brother is my absolute favourite person on this show (well, after Simon, of course). I just adore the way he runs in with Scott to help him make his marks and find his way, but at the same time, puts himself so totally out of the spotlight. The whole time he is just totally focussed on his brother, pointing at him and cheering at him and you can tell that he’s a guy with his priorities in order.

Good brothering like that brings a tear to my eye.

And in other American Idol news, if you are watching the show at all — or even if you’re not — you MUST go to Television Without Pity to read the recaps of the show. I used to waste many, many potentially productive work hours at Television Without Pity, which is a site that writes extremely detailed scene-by-scene summaries of popular TV shows. The founders of the site and almost all of my favourite writers have moved on, so I rarely go there anymore, but I recently discovered that the immortal Jacob is writing up for American Idol, and that guy is a GOD.

Check this out, from his summary for last night’s show:

Kara pulls a total Paula and very clearly enunciates something that makes no sense; meanwhile, Paula is wearing the tackier-looking half of Björk’s swan as a shrug over an ugly beaded top, and saying nothing of consequence. Ryan makes a half-assed segue from her rambling about the giant stage to a sort of sweet dig at how Simon’s consumed with himself, and there’s a lot of static from the idiot they have on the panel with them, and finally Simon reminds them not to forget the words, and not to be swallowed up by the ridiculous stage and all its moving parts. I mean, they’re right in that the giant-ass stage is stupid and is going to make each and every one of them look like they’re the 2:35 show at Knott’s Berry Farm, but I don’t see the point in worrying about it considering they are the 2:35 show at Knott’s Berry Farm. Slap some sequins on these bitches and let’s get to it.

BRILLIANT. You want to go to there.

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