Happy Birthday, Captain Jelly Belly!

I woke up this morning and out of nowhere, I was the mother to a six-year-old boy! I’m still not sure how that happened.

It’s the Captain’s birthday and the poor guy is sick. Just a rotten cold, with cough and fever, but more than enough to keep him away from school. That means I’m left here at home with a giant tupperware full of egg and milk-free brownie cookies, that were meant for his class this morning. NOT GOOD.

I’ve got the cold too, and so does Little Miss Sunshine. Gal Smiley had it first, so she’s better enough to be back at school this morning, but I expect her to return home completely worn out by the effort of standing upright.

I thought it wouldn’t be such a bad thing that we were all sick at the same time because we could just have a day of lying around on the couch watching movies. I tried that yesterday, though, when all the kids were home sick, and know what happened? They got BORED of the TV. They didn’t want to watch movies! They didn’t want to see any more Hi-5! They weren’t even interested in AMERICAN IDOL.

What kind of heathens am I raising?

So yesterday by the end of the day we were all pretty much ready to kill each other, but we made it though somehow. Today I’ll need to be a little more creative, I guess.

Thank goodness that we have a couple of new birthday presents to keep us busy. The Captain is currently really enjoying playing with his new Mousetrap game, a game I adored as a child and played many, many times myself.

Little Miss Sunshine likes it, too. Those marbles look mighty tasty.

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  1. Happy Birthday Captain! Sucks that you’re sick on your birthday, but I hear you have a Tupperware full of cookies! Woohoo! Enjoy it. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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