Negative Is The New Positive

My pregnancies with Captain Jelly Belly and Gal Smiley could not have been more different. With the Captain, I retained water until my legs looked like tree trunks. I was lethargic all the time and napped constantly, and I gained way too much weight. I carried low, and in the end I could barely waddle from the couch to the bathroom and back again. With the Gal, I felt much more energetic. I didn’t swell up — I have no idea why — and until my last month I still had the energy to take the Captain to various kid-related action activities. I carried her very high and had a pep in my step.

My pregnancy with Little Miss Sunshine was almost exactly like the Captain’s. I didn’t swell up as much, but I had the same lethargy and nap requirements. She also sat very low and in general, everything just felt the same.

So, I was very convinced when she was born that she would be just like the Captain physically. I figured she’d look like him, have the same shape of head as him, get her teeth late like him.

And that she’d have food allergies like him. I just so sure it was going to happen.

Around the age of 1, our doctor suggested giving Little Miss Sunshine some eggs, because the MMR shot is egg-based and we just wanted to know if we should expect any kind of reaction (the Captain had a very noticeable reaction to that shot). I was really scared to do it, but we let her have scrambled eggs two times, and know what? She threw up.


The shot went fine, actually, but in the six months since then she’s only had things with eggs in it a couple of times, and every time, she’s thrown up, so clearly, allergy, right?

In the past two months or so, she’s developed bad eczema, just like the Captain, in all the same places, so we also took her off of milk.

Yesterday she went in for her very first allergy test and we expected to see the familiar hives appear in the slots for eggs, peanuts, and milk.

But you’ll never guess what happened.

She was negative!

No reaction at all, to anything. We even tested her with real milk, because the Captain only reacts to real milk, not the serum, and still nothing at all. Hell, the Captain is so sensitive that he even reacts to the control drop (which is just saline, I think). He goes crazy during testing because his arm is SO itchy and we won’t let him scratch. But Little Miss Sunshine? Sat there happily as we held her arm, listened calmly as we read books to her, DID NOT REACT AT ALL.

We are really, really surprised, but cautiously hopeful as well. We remember all those times that we took the Captain for testing and he tested “negative” to milk, when it turns out he actually is allergic, so we know better than to just accept this result and celebrate Mardi Gras in all its pancake-eating glory.

But it really is such hopeful news that I catch myself smiling with joy every so often.

Could it really be that we have not one, but TWO kids that can just eat stuff? Anything they want? Wherever they want?


Last night we celebrated by letting Little Miss Sunshine have cheese on her tacos. This morning she got to have real milk on her cereal. We’re holding off on the eggs for a while yet.

But with a little luck, we’ll get there.

You rock, little lady!

5 thoughts on “Negative Is The New Positive

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    Well that’s all good news! As for the eggs, maybe they just don’t suit her palate…they make me gag and I’m not allergic. 🙂

  2. xyx2

    Great news! Keep it up, Little Miss Sunshine!

    I took Calder for his annual allergy tests yesterday and he’s still reacting to the same stuff, plus a new one (almonds). Sigh. He reacts to that control drop too – I wonder what it is.

  3. That is so nice to hear. I have a friend who’s son reacted to his MMR and they hadn’t given him eggs since he was a baby. This year (he is 4) the doc suggested they try a bit of egg just to see. The poor kid was so freaked out he wouldn’t even touch them. Allergies are so stressful for all involved.

  4. Oh by the way, I don’t have any food allergies but I am allergic to a lot of environmental stuff. And I also react to the control drop 🙂

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