Guess I’ll Add Game Inventor to my List Of Dream Jobs

Well, it seems we are developing a cottage industry over here of newly invented games. Someday we’ll be rich, I tell you, rich!

The kids filled out their little store-bought valentines today, painstakingly writing their names in the “From” box and putting a sparkly heart, flower, or Hot Wheels sticker in the “To” box (kindergarteners are not supposed to address their valentines by name, because they usually aren’t able to read well enough to be able to pass them out by themselves).

At the end they each had some valentines left over and so far we’ve invented three new games to play with extra valentines.

Captain Jelly Belly had Star Wars valentines (of course). All by himself he came up with Star Wars Charades — he puts the extra valentines in a pile, then pulls one from the pile without showing anyone else. Then he acts out that Star Wars character and we have to guess who he is going to be.

Later we used the Star Wars valentines for a game of War. We divided the extras into two piles, one for him, and one for me. Then we’d each flip one and whichever character was “stronger” — i.e. would win in a fight — would win the matchup, and the winner would get both cards. Whoever takes all the valentines at the end wins the game.

Just for the fans out there, we’ve decided that: Yoda beats Obiwan, who beats Anakin, who beats General Grievous (the Grievous/Anakin ordering was hotly debated), who beats Captain Rex, who beats Random Storm Trooper Guy, who beats C3P0 (poor useless golden robot).

Gal Smiley had Tinkerbell valentines (adorable movie, by the way, I loved it). For her we’ve created a form of Guess Who. She picks one of the cards in secret and hides it from me. Then I have to ask questions like, “Does your fairy have brown eyes?” or “Does your fairy have a blue dress?” and then narrow it down until I can guess which fairy she is holding. The hardest part of this game is remembering all the fairy names. That damn Iridessa gets me every time.

In other news, our unprecedented run of sick-free days seems to be coming to an end, as Little Miss Sunshine has woken up from her nap with a runny nose full of goop and Captain Jelly Belly has a light cough. Good thing we have games to keep us busy!

One thought on “Guess I’ll Add Game Inventor to my List Of Dream Jobs

  1. Capnplanet

    Inventing games with your kids is so much fun, especially when they’re successful. A few weeks ago, in an effort to get Mr E occupied with something that would keep him quiet for a few minutes at a time, off the top of my head I invented the “alphabet game”, which is drop-dead simple: I write out the alphabet, in order, with one letter missing, and he has to figure out which letter is missing.

    He _loves_ this game. Unfortunately, that quickly got too easy for him (he still loves to play it, but it doesn’t occupy him for nearly long enough), so I’m developing variations (swap two adjacent letters, swap two arbitrary letters, …). It’s so cool to come up with something that is so hugely popular, even if it’s only an audience of one…

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