Teethwatch 2009

Remember when we were anxiously waiting for Little Miss Sunshine to get teeth? Then she finally broke through her bottom two teeth when she was 15 months old, and there was much joy in the land?

I bet you thought that since then, she’s been merrily teething away with no issues. After all, no news is good news, right?


Since she got the middle two teeth on the bottom more than three months ago, we’ve seen…nothing at all. No more teeth. Are they even in there?

For the past month or so, we’ve thought that she was “teething” — red cheeks, swollen gums, loss of appetite for anything other than applesauce and mushy cereal.

I think I can officially say that she is the SLOWEST TEETHER EVER.

Then, yesterday…OH MY GOD! Two little razor-sharp edges on the top!

She’ll be 19 months old in a week, an age at which most kids have 16 teeth, and some even have 20.

But we’re pretty darn excited about our four little ones.

Know what this means? BITING. Actual biting of foods!

Can chewing be very far away?

4 thoughts on “Teethwatch 2009

  1. Wow, you have had 3 kids. I will assume your other two had their teeth come out when they were younger. I am curious, which do you prefer? Younger or older?

  2. Chantal — I come from a family of late teethers; I myself didn’t get my first tooth until almost a year old. Gal Smiley was my earliest teether — she got her first at about 9 months and by a year had four teeth. Captain Jelly Belly didn’t get his first tooth until 11 months old and at a year still only had two.

    I definitely prefer the late teething in general, because of nursing — I never got bit with those super-sharp little baby teeth. Plus, we didn’t have to worry too much about brushing and tooth care until they were already old enough to stand at the sink and hold their own brush.

    Although Little Miss Sunshine took forever to break these first four teeth, she’s still a great eater. She can handle anything except raw veggies and really tough meat. So, although we were sometimes worried about the fact that her teeth weren’t coming up, they didn’t affect her diet or growth at all.

    So overall I’d say, late is great!

  3. Gosh, and I thought Max was late. He had 4 by 1yr but then really stalled for anything else. At 21 months, his last molar only came in last month, and now he is working on this eye teeth. You can imagine the crankiness that is saturating our house.

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