Croc Family

I feel like this should be the mantra of all parents: We said we’d never do it, and now here we are.

In our case, we have given in to peer pressure, we have embraced commercialism, we have become those parents.

Parents of kids with Crocs.

It started with Gal Smiley. She needed new sandals this summer. We couldn’t find any we liked. Friends of hers at preschool all had Crocs. Gal Smiley really, really wanted Crocs, too. She asked for them every day.

We tried to buy her some cheapy knock-offs at Zellers. But they didn’t have any small enough to fit her petite feet.

Finally we caved. We justified the $30 by buying a too-big size (which we probably could have gotten at Zellers, naturally), so she can wear them all this coming year. They’ll be her “at school” shoes when she enters JK in the fall.

So Gal Smiley had Crocs. Pretty pale green Crocs.

Captain Jelly Belly wanted Crocs.

At first we said, no way. You have a perfectly good pair of sandals, we said. They have Hot Wheels on them, for heaven’s sake. They’re cool.

But every time Gal Smiley joyfully donned her Crocs, the Captain made that little sad face.

So we tried to buy him some Crocs. But we couldn’t find his size anywhere.

But at Zellers, they got a new shipment in of the knock-offs, and the new shipment included some very, very tiny sizes.

Like these adorable yellow fake-Croc babies. Size 2.

I could eat these with a spoon.

Naturally I had to get them for Little Miss Sunshine. They were too adorable, and only $8. I’m not made of stone, people. And I must say, Little Miss Sunshine adores her fake-Crocs. She runs to get them when we are going out, then blushes with pride as she compares her little feet to Gal Smiley’s.

Also, she is killing it at the mall and grocery store. Like, if I didn’t keep an eye on her and her itty bitty Crocs every single second, at least a dozen little old ladies would try to carry her off. Or maybe just nibble a bit on her cute cute Croc-clad toes.

Today at the mall they were having a sidewalk sale, and know what was out on a table in the mall, for just $20? A lovely pair of blue Crocs in Captain Jelly Belly’s size.

So of course we had to have them. And now our set is complete.

Also on sale at the mall were Jibbitz, which are these little plastic things that you can push into the holes of the Crocs and that are a major fad. Like, ALL the cool kids have them. They were only $1, so I bought a crocodile for the Captain, and a butterfly for Gal Smiley.

On the way home from the mall, they checked them out.

Captain: I love my alligator!

Sir Monkeypants: Actually, it’s a crocodile. Because they are Crocs, get it?

Captain: Know what I’m going to name my alligator? Allie.

Me: How nice. Gal Smiley, would you like to name your butterfly?

Gal Smiley: I don’t know what to call her.

Me: How about Bea?

Gal Smiley: No.

Me: Princess?

Gal Smiley: No.

Me: Tiny Dancer?

Sir Monkeypants: That’s a STUPID name.

Me: Oh yeah? Then how about STINKY? STINKY THE BUTTERFLY?

Gal Smiley: I LOVE IT.

So now the Captain has a crocodile called Allie, short for alligator. Gal Smiley has a butterfly called Stinky.

And the Crocs rule the roost.

Croc Family.

5 thoughts on “Croc Family

  1. Melanie

    Sweet photos, and I never thought I’d say that about Crocs!

    I used to mock my Croc-wearering friends and swore I’d never buy a pair. But then my daycare provider asked me to buy them for the boys and leave them at her house for when they play in water. I got them each a pair at Giant Tiger ($4) a few weeks ago, and they haven’t taken them off yet 🙂

  2. You succumbed!!! I do understand though.

    This reminds me of a very funny incident with my daughter and a pair of shoes that were croc-like and her reaction when I refused to buy them for her. It’s sort of a long story so I probably need to blog about it rather than write about it here.

    Very nice of you to come by my place. I will be back here also. 🙂

  3. I have a pair from the dollar store that I wear around the house because they’re better than slippers because they don’t make my feet all hot like regular slippers. And, the cat loves, loves, loves to chew on the crocs. Of course, I’d never wear them in public—unless I was a very tiny young person.

  4. Randy — I WISH those guys would pay me to write about them. They’re totally rolling in it. I figure they wouldn’t miss a couple of grand.

    Melanie — I swore it too. But there’s no denying how comfy the kids find them, and how incredibly easy they are to clean — I like to just swish them around in the wading pool when they’re done playing in it for the day. I have been brainwashed.

    Ozma — Looking forward to reading your post!

    XUP — I must admit I’ve never tried on a pair myself, but my friend swears that they actually make your feet lighter. So I’m quite interested in your dollar store find — I’ll keep an eye out for my own pair!

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