For a Very Select Audience

I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to blog about So You Think You Can Dance. Much.

But I can’t help it! I’m obsessed! Nothing else fills my head! I have to talk about it!

And lucky you, there’s no one else I know who is watching it, so I must vomit all my dance critiques out into my blog. Yay!

(Those of you who are non-dance fans can skip the rest. I’d put it behind a cut but I’m not sure how to do that in WordPress. Is there a way?)

Here’s my list of the top eight dancers, in order from best to worst (in my humble opinion). I’ve got some words of advice for each.


He’s the king, the champ, the master. I’d love to see him win the whole thing. His solo this week was so freakin’ good, I felt robbed when it stopped — more Will! More Will! He’s versatile and modest and powerful. Advice to Will: I really hate it when you wear a shirt or a hat with words on it during the opening bit when they introduce the dancers, and then waste your whole ten showcase seconds pointing to the text. It’s a DANCE show, not a POINTING show. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing.


She’s head and shoulders above the rest of the women; she can do anything, be anybody, make any couples partner look good. I love her, and if she won over Will I wouldn’t mind a bit. Advice to Katee: Stop smiling all through your solos, or else, choose cheerier music. I realize you love to dance, but grinning while the music is sad is just weird.


His popping in his solos is so fantastic, I could watch it all day. He kills at hip-hop but has shown that he is more than versatile enough to handle other styles. He’s been a great partner for all the women. Advice for Joshua: I’d like to see a little more variety, maybe some hip-hop, thrown into your solos.


Who doesn’t love Twitch? He is so earnest and funny and seems like such a great guy. Obviously he rocks it at hip-hop, and he was totally dazzling at krump too, the first time I have ever enjoyed a krump performance on this show. He’s not as strong as Joshua at the ballroom stuff, but he’s able to pull it off without embarrassing himself, and he was so, so great in the two Mia Michaels routines he did (Kherington and the bed, and Katee and the door). Advice to Twitch: Drop those goofy glasses. And although I could watch your solos for hours and hours, I swear, if you make that stupid fingers-on-shoulder salute one more time, I will have to kick you in the head, FOR REAL. Otherwise, love you!


The judges are always going on and on about Chelsie’s legs and usually that kind of constant, gushing praise makes me want to puke first and bitterly hate the person after. However, in this case I cannot disagree — Chelsie’s legs are that amazing. She’s done great partnering work with all the men she’s been matched with and is always fabulously in character on stage. It’s amazing how she can seem so passionate and girlie while dancing, when her apparent real-life personality is so tomboy-ish. Advice to Chelsie: Although I think you are the second best female dancer, you are in danger of not making the top four because you do not come off well in your interview and backstage segments. You are not well-spoken, and your obnoxious way of treating the men on this show — as if they are repulsive, smelly, idiots — is not doing you any favours. You really need to tone down the put-downs and dial up some sweetness. In addition, like most ballroom types on this show, your solos suck — your dancing is fine, but you seem incapable of moving around the stage and working directly to the crowd. Time to kick it up a notch, Chels!


I think Courtney is the most underrated dancer on the show right now. She often gets negative feedback from the judges — they are fond of saying that she “flies under the radar” and is “only barely good enough” each week — but I don’t think she deserves it. She’s a good dancer and she’s had some great routines, mostly with Gev. although I also loved her two routines with Joshua last week. Advice to Courtney: You need to do something to differentiate yourself from Katee, who is very similar but a better dancer. A peppier, happier solo might help you stand out in our memories. Also, it’s time to show us a bigger personality in your interviews and on stage.


Everybody loves Mark; he’s charming and original. I feel like he’s lost some of his magic, though, since the partner switch-ups; his pairing with Kherington was terrible, and he didn’t show much chemistry with Comfort this week, either. I like his solos and I loved many of his numbers with Chelsie, but I think he’s the weakest man left. Advice to Mark: Your solos are cute, but we need to see some more actual dancing out of you if you’re going to stick around. It’s probably already too late, though.


Oh, Comfort. At the start of the season, you were my favourite, and I so wanted you to succeed. You haven’t disappointed in the hip-hop area (and screw Nigel, your solos are great), but you just don’t have the stuff when it comes to the other kinds of dance. Advice to Comfort: Go home with your head held high, and find a kick-ass hip-hop troupe to tour with.

Tonight — it’s an easy call to say that Mark and Comfort will be going home. Much more interesting to me are the other man and woman in the bottom two, as these are the most likely to go home next week. If America agrees with me, it should be Courtney and Twitch, but you never can tell. Maybe Chelsie’s offscreen attitude issues will put her in the bottom two instead of Courtney…and maybe Twitch’s amazing door routine with Katee this week, far and away the show’s highlight, will push Joshua into the bottom two instead. I wish they would throw out the two men/two women rule for the final four and just let Twitch, Joshua, and Will get to the end with Katee. As it is, it’ll be very interesting to see which of the three top men (and women, excluding Katee) manage to make it into the finals.

Ah. That feels better. Now I can finally get some other stuff done around here!

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  1. love reading your commentary. i think it’s funny the way the audience is so split with the contestants this year. it seemed like last year there were more clear cut favorites.

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