If you don’t have your health, you haven’t got anything

I have been diligently washing my hands several times a day due to the coronovirus threat, for the last week or so. Today I realized that I work from home, and I am literally alone in silence for at least half the day, and rarely leave the house on weekdays otherwise. So it seems to me there is little point in ME washing my hands. Rather, I should be focusing on getting the germ centres I call my children to wash THEIR hands when they get home.

I feel this is a major world health style breakthrough.

In other health and aging news, I sprained my foot this week by…walking around my kitchen. I was literally just doing my usual morning routine, making lunches, emptying the dishwasher, when I pivoted around and felt something in my foot go POP. Instant pain.

I’ve been staying off it for the past three days now (see: working from home, never going outside, which makes it very easy to rest up, it’s practically my default state of being). It’s feeling a bit better now, and I can limp on it without cringing, although it still hurts when too much pressure is applied. It looks like it is going to heal, which is all well and good, but when I really think about it it is TERRIFYING to me that I can injure myself by walking around my kitchen. Can slipping as I exit the bath be far behind? Breaking a hip as I come up the porch stairs? Snapping a wrist as I pour from a full pot of tea?

Aging sucks, is all I am saying.

And in even more health related news, a small update on the Captain’s scoliosis, as several lovely friends and family have asked me about this. We went to the hospital and in very anti-climatic news, they intend to do…nothing at all. His curve is pretty severe – you can see it when you look at him — but it’s not so bad that it would require surgery. And a brace is unlikely to help at this point, both because he is almost done growing, and because his curve is very high up, and braces mostly help curves that are lower down. (Here was something I didn’t know: braces for scoliosis are just to help prevent it from getting worse; they can’t fix an existing curve like braces for teeth.)

So the answer is…he just lives his life like this. Which I think is really weird. But apparently not that uncommon. So we’re working on stretches and core strength, and learning to ignore it. Given that I have a coronovirus to worry about, and the possibly of breaking a leg while getting up off the couch to get another ice cream cone, I’m happy to tuck this one away in the back corner of my mind for now.

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  1. KristaR

    Sorry to hear about your foot 😦 Glad you have had the follow up appointment for the Captain and at least know what’s what now.

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