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I really want to blog more this year; I’m out of Girl Guides, and the business is running along fairly smoothly, and I’m back into the writing groove, so ideally I have more time on my hands for musing and writing and sharing.

But right now, while I am cruising along on auto pilot, the other members of my family are having their own issues, none of which I feel really great about writing about.

I will sum up with some point form, which is the most detail I feel I am able to share about any of this:

  • the Captain has been diagnosed with scoliosis, and we are anxiously awaiting our appointment at CHEO to see what can be done, and they said they will “try to get him in by May” which in my opinion is MUCH too long a wait considering he may nearly be done growing, but I am trying not to freak out in order to not freak him out.
  • Gal Smiley is in Grade 10 and has been thinking a lot about what she wants to do in life; unlike the Captain and the Little Miss, she doesn’t have a clear path forward in terms of sciencey-stuff versus techy-stuff versus graphics-stuff versus business-stuff, and that is causing her some stress, even though she has years to figure it out.
  • Little Miss Sunshine is 12, going on 13, and THERE YOU HAVE IT.
  • Sir Monkeypants’ parents are aging, and we are facing some hard decisions there, and it has been sad and stressful for all involved.

I do not like it when people Vague Blog but I’m afraid that is all I can share, but given the extreme lack of detail, any advice and/or words of comfort are welcome.

In other news, I am toying with a Word of the Year: STRONG. I feel like I will need to be strong this year in a multitude of situations; and that I need to work on making myself stronger in mind and in body. It’s both a reminder of what I am, and what I could be.

It’s not locked in or anything. You’ll know it is when I write it on a sticky and add it to the wall of stickies in my office reminding me of everything from the CHEO phone number to upcoming work projects to the name of that spray wax I need to get for our crokinole board. It’s quite representative of the inside of my brain – so perhaps a nice bright pink sticky on top that says STRONG would be the perfect addition.

7 thoughts on “Word of the Year

  1. You are strong. I mean, I’ve been reading you for years and although we haven’t met, we’re Canadian moms of teens. It’s a sisterhood!

    We truly are a sandwich generation, aren’t we. My dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons and Dementia, and although my mom is looking after him at home, this may not be practical in the not so distant future. So I hear you.

    Keep writing, Lynn. There’s a whole community of similar aged people on my blog if you ever feel the need to branch out reading them. 🙂

  2. bibliomama2

    Ugh, I’m sorry. That is not vague-blogging in the least, and it’s a lot to deal with. That sounds like a good word, but it’s okay if you’re not all strong all the time.

  3. KristaR

    Oh gosh Lynn, That’s a lot going on. Strong is a great word – for those days when you feel you can conquer the world as well as for the days when you need to draw strength from others when the load is extra heavy. I hope the CHEO appointment comes sooner than May. That is too many months to worry and wonder. xo

  4. nicoleboyhouse

    I’m so sorry you have so much to deal with. You are strong and I know you will face all of this with strength, but I hope you have some support to draw on as well. I don’t have any advice but maybe this is a hopeful thing: I was at the doctor with my older son (who is just a touch younger than Captain, he will be 16 in March) and I asked when I can expect him to stop growing. My doctor said typically for boys it is 18-20 which really surprised me. I mean, 20! So I hope that gives you a little bit of hope with regards to the scoliosis. Also, if you read Swistle’s blog, her daughter has scoliosis and I think that the brace she wears has been very helpful.

  5. Smothermother

    I hear you on the aging parents. Both my parents and the hubby’s mom have had some significant health issues in the past 6 months. And on top of that , that we don’t live near either of our families. It’s so hard to have to start making decisions and having the tough discussions that you just never want want to have. Strong sounds like the perfect word to give you guidance this year. But as a few of the women here have already said, remember that acknowledging that you are not feeling strong in the moment, is strength in itself. As is asking for help. Remember one of your recent posts. You have a support network for a reason. Tap into it when you need the strength.

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