Back to Business

We had the laziest March Break ever. I worked part time, and the rest of the time we had the biggest movie festival ever. I can’t even remember everything we watched but I think we paid for our Netflix account about 60 times over. I took the girls to the pool one day and we went skiing one day but other than that, I don’t think the kids got out of their pajamas much. I used to find this kind of March Break a waste of time – oh, the lost museum hours! – but this week felt pretty good, although it was tough to get up for school/work this morning, gah.

When we weren’t lying around in pajamas watching movies, I was cooking, cooking, cooking. We had a sad accident a couple of weeks ago in which our big freezer conked out, and we lost a lifetime’s worth of frozen leftovers. It was all the good stuff – a stockpile of our favourite soups, homemade breads and buns, and pies and pie fillings.

Most of it was the kind of stuff that takes a whole day to make, the kind of stuff where you make a triple batch because you know you’re going to be sweating over a stove all day and you may as well make it worthwhile. So this week I set about recreating the stockpile, as much as I could. It was several days of some of the most complex dishes I make, and yet still our freezer is only a quarter full. Sigh.

At least we ate very, very well while enjoying an endless stream of cheesy, family-friendly action flicks and Disney musicals. So all in all, a pretty fine staycation.

How was your March Break?

6 thoughts on “Back to Business

  1. Those days of relaxing are absolutely essential to our sanity! The only thing that’s hard is tolerating/accepting just how much time those kids can spend on video games. I basically grinned and bared it, but really, I too spent a lot of time just kicking back, blogging, reading, watching tv and movies….So I totally get it.

    And now I have a teenager. He turned 13 in March break and we got to eat out once, and go Go Karting once. (plus playoff hockey)….anyway, now it’s back to the grind. A blessing in disguise of sorts. 🙂

  2. Shannon

    Those kinds of breaks are my favourite. I took a long weekend with them and we had a lazy girl’s day. The rest of the week they hung out with Grandma or by themselves eating pancakes and watching all the Netflix.

  3. smothermother

    ours was so nice. the first weekend we did nothing. then we saw black panther. went to tremblant skiing for a couple of days, which was amazing. then friends over for the last weekend where we basically just sat around drinking, eating and playing games. then the last sunday was pure laziness of watching movies and reading. pretty perfect march break in my opinion.

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