My favourite band is the Trashcan Sinatras. They are a fairly obscure Scottish band, featuring lush, layered guitar work (which I love) and pun-filled, riddle-filled lyrics (which I love).

If you know of them at all, you probably only know the song Obscurity Knocks, which was a minor hit on alternative radio in the early 90s.

(There isn’t even a video on YouTube. When you don’t have a lyrics video for your top song on YouTube, you know you’re off the grid.)

My sister FameThrowa and I fell in love with this song, and their entire first album, Cake – holy crap, is that 25 years ago? Man, I’m old. Their second album is called I’ve Seen Everything, and it didn’t do as well, even though it is so, so beautiful and perfect and clever. Their third album is A Happy Pocket and it was never even released in North America, even though it is delightful and catchy and brilliant. After that they were dropped by their record label, but still release indie records from time to time.

They came to Ottawa once, back in 2004. It was on September 24, and my due date with Gal Smiley was September 21. I bought a ticket anyway and I would have gone if she had been able to hang in there for a few more days. As it is she was born on her due date (my children are extremely punctual) and I had to admit it was not a good idea to go to a concert with a three-day-old baby. Sigh.

FameThrowa went though, and she is such a badass that she actually went to the sound guy and hooked up some equipment to record the whole concert for me, then delivered it to me on CD a week later.

No, you cannot have her, she is MINE.

Anyway! They just announced they are going to do a little tour, and on this tour, they are going to play the entirety of their first two albums, which are masterpieces.

AND, they are coming to Ottawa! This little dinky city with no music scene to speak of! I am ASTONISHED.

But I will take it. I have a ticket. I spent all morning listening to their music and feeling overjoyed. It is amazing, isn’t it, how music can just lift your spirits? All is well with the world when your favourite song is playing.

Now, what does one wear to an indie band concert, happening in a pub downtown (lord, where will I park?), on a Sunday evening, when one is pushing 50?

Are pajamas okay?

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I was glad to helpful the void.

    FWIW, last time I was too lazy to do my hair or make up when I went to Mavericks, and it was fine. Of course I ran into people I knew… but fine.

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