Dream Jeopardy Categories

1. Nancy Drew
2. Flags of the World
3. Movie Musicals
4. Taylor Swift Lyrics
5. Name That Font (actually a category on Jeopardy about six weeks ago, I was over the moon)
6. Elements of the Periodic Table

What’s your dream set?

7 thoughts on “Dream Jeopardy Categories

  1. smothermother

    I would suck at Jeopardy. I can only think of 3 categories:
    1. 80s song lyrics
    2. Friends quotes
    3. Simpson’s quotes before 1999

      1. Eileen

        I lived and breathed Watergate from the break-in until Nixon’s resignation. I missed it when it was over!!

  2. nicoleboyhouse

    I’m going to go with smothermother’s categories, and also add When Harry Met Sally, economics terminology, and approximate calorie count of random food items.

  3. 1.Hamilton (the Musical)
    2. Harry Potter
    3. New York City
    4. Mr. Men characters
    5. Seinfeldisms
    6. Sound of Music

    funny enough they had a Jeopardy this year with both #1 and #2 on the same board. I killed it!!!

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