Rio 2016

The Olympics are back! At our house, that means unlimited TV time as we watch every single event ever (rugby 7s! beach volleyball! pole vault! archery! gymnastics! ALL GOOD). I have Olympic Fever and I’m not afraid to admit it.

My friend RheostaticsFan was over on the weekend and reminded me that the last time there was an Olympics – two years ago, the winter Olympics – our youngest kid had to fill out a page at school on family traditions, and when asked what holiday her family loves to celebrate together, she said, “The Olympics.” Which is hilarious and awesome and wee bit embarrassing but mostly awesome.

She no doubt thought of the Olympics because, possibly more than any other holiday around here, Olympic time means craft time and decoration time as we celebrate – FLAGS OF THE WORLD.

Here’s our bannister:


Flags ordered by current standings, as of this morning – we update it each day. Here’s the top of the leader board:


And some more of our favourites, hoping to earn a spot on the bannister – can you name them?


I just cannot get enough of making these little flags (which are about the size of a 6×4 photo). I have a crafting station all set up in the dining room covered with all colours of card stock, glue, my flags of the world reference book, and my beloved star-shaped punch. We are flagging it up around here. This morning for homework the kids each made a flag because we were missing a few on the leader board – my youngest made this kick ass flag of the Philippines:


Memo to the Philippines, and while we’re at it, South Africa (also pictured): you have not made life easy for the schoolchildren of your countries.

It’s the Olympics, the most wonderful time of the year! How are you celebrating?

5 thoughts on “Rio 2016

  1. smothermother

    unlimited TV time. which the boy is loving. you should make and sell those flags. I’d buy em.

  2. We love the Olympics in our house too. Today we’re holding our own Board Game Olympics with the kids from our street to combat this latest heat wave by staying in with the A/C on!

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