Aging Not So Gracefully

As I age, my fear of bugs is getting worse and worse, especially my fear of spiders. When I spot a spider in the house, you know it, due to excessive screeching. I realize my response to spiders is Not Appropriate, and yet I cannot help myself. I suppose that’s the very definition of a phobia.

Luckily I have a secret weapon around here, and that’s my youngest daughter, Little Miss Sunshine. For an intense animal lover, she certainly has no qualms about getting in there and squishing the hell out of any bugs in the house. I think her need to be helpful outweighs her need to cherish animal life. I’m not going to quibble with that.

The other day I was driving around with the Little Miss sitting quietly in the back seat right behind me. Suddenly she squealed and started kicking the back of my chair over and over, hard, then just as suddenly, stopped.

Me: Um, I’m driving here, honey. Usually it is not a good idea to bother the driver like that.

Her: I know, but there was a giant spider crawling up the back of your chair.


Her: I know. I’ll need a tissue when you get a chance to scoop up the guts.

She rocks.

6 thoughts on “Aging Not So Gracefully

  1. me too! it really is my only phobia. I can hold snakes, let bees sit on my arm w/o freaking, pick up a worm… but spiders! hells no. complete irrational fear of them. I won’t go certain places in the world due to this fear. sorry Australian outback but I won’t be visiting you. I just cannot. I feel better knowing we share this, Lynn.

  2. Spiders probably bother me the least of all icky bugs because I know they eat mosquitoes and those pesky stinging bugs are the worst! Or any stinging bug. Or those with the millions of legs…GROSS,

    My 8yo picks up worms in her hands. And snails. She loves them. I try not to pass on my ‘ew gross’ face to her, just send her on her way to save the worms.

  3. Funny, house centipedes used to rob me of my ability to move or breathe. I was like that up until a couple of years ago. Now, I just mutter “Really? You have to have that many legs?” and make sure I have really good aim when I go after them (I do hate how half their legs will scuttle away if you miss them).

    I NEVER thought I would conquer that phobia, but it’s definitely moved from a full-on phobia to a strong dislike – I thought it was an age thing, so it’s funny to hear you think age is making your phobias worse … 🙂

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