Aging Gracefully

A weird thing is happening to me as I age, and that is that I have come to like vegetables. Not just like them; crave them.

Those who have known me since childhood (hi, Fame Throwa!) know that this a rather shocking turn of events. I was the poster child for I Hate Vegetables, the stereotypical kid sitting at the dinner table with lips locked and a look of horror on their face. I didn’t even like the ones you can usually coax kids to try, like carrots or peas or celery.

One time, my poor mother tried to lay down the law and insisted I sit at the table until I ate three small baby carrots that were left on my plate. After an hour and a half I finally choked one down and then threw it back up, along with the rest of my dinner, all over the table. After that, she was resigned to looking the other way while I slipped Fame Throwa (who has always loved veggies) my broccoli under the table.

Suddenly, it seems, I cannot get enough of them. I was out at the Farm Boy a few weeks ago and they had a little bowl of cut cucumbers out as samples. I have always despised cucumbers but for some reason I took one, and it was like a Festival of Joy in my mouth. I bought like, 20 mini cucumbers and ate them all within three days and had to go back for more.

(Then I took a pregnancy test JUST IN CASE.)

Now I find I’m obsessed with lettuce. I could seriously take an iceberg lettuce and just bite into it and eat the whole thing like an apple, but between the Farm Boy and the weekly farmer’s market I’ve been delving into all kinds of dark, reddish, or bitter variations and loving it. Plus, red peppers: NATURE’S CANDY. So delicious.

I realize this probably just means I’m dehydrated. Also, come winter I’ll probably be depressed when all the vegetables go back to tasting like water and I’ll get over it. But for now, I like to think of this as just me getting better with age.

5 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully

  1. This is me, too, with fruit as well. While I was volunteering on a school trip, and had brought about two pounds of fruit to eat for lunch, a teacher eating a burger and poutine suggested I’ve developed a kind of “Stockholm Syndrome” about food – healthy food has taken me hostage and convinced me I like it. If this is Stockholm Syndrome I don’t want to be cured 🙂

  2. smothermother

    I hated veggies as a kid. I can’t say that I crave them now but the are part of my every day diet. In the summer and fall we get an organic veggie basket delivered every week. It’s awesome. And there are always new and exciting things that I have never tried and learned to love like kohlrabi.

  3. I’ve always liked veggies (obv) but I now eat ridiculous amounts of them. My husband often says “Nicole, no, this is insane, no one can eat that much asparagus/ Greek salad/ what have you” when I’m making dinner, and THEN I EAT IT ALL. THE END.

  4. I like vegetables a lot more than I used to, and I love fruit. I still don’t like peppers or string beans, though – I keep trying, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. Otherwise, me aging is mostly a process of noticing what’s going on with horror, deciding I’m too cheap and chicken for plastic surgery, and going back into denial.

  5. That is… very weird. But great news! (Totally don’t recall the barfing incident. Was I around?)

    Me, however, I’ve gone the other way and, other than spinach, struggle to get vegetables down. Yet, with my stupid diet restrictions, they’re becoming some of my only options! Let’s hope I don’t barf them all over my desk one day…. 🙂

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