Summing Yourself Up In One Sentence

I am a fan of Jeopardy – just one more step on my journey to the old folks’ home – and lately I’ve started following the Cool Jeopardy Stories Twitter feed. The guy who runs it takes a screen shot of the three contestants each night, then boils down their little “chat with Alex” interviews into single liners. It’s sometimes sad, sometimes weird, sometimes hilarious when you put them all together like that.

This morning I was dreaming about being on Jeopardy (AS ONE DOES) and wondering what I’d pick for my Alex Interview Moment. It’s meant to be something light, and positive, and unique, and maybe funny or quirky. I don’t think I have That Story, you know, the one you get asked to tell at parties. My husband and I don’t have a Meet Cute, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a famous person (although perhaps Alex would enjoy hearing about that time I met Lucy Vanoldenbarneveld?). I’ve never been on a major journey or a crazy, impulsive trip; I don’t have a collection of anything; I don’t think I’ve ever been mistaken for someone I’m not. I think the best I have to offer is a) I like pie, which really, who doesn’t, and b) I once barged in on a Taylor Swift concert, which, as a firmly middle-aged woman, I’m not too keen to see as my summary sentence on that Twitter feed.

Maybe this is a call to action. Maybe now is the time to think about what I DO want that Twitter feed to say about me, and then make it happen. Cool things might include:

  • I’m an international yo-yo champion.
  • I hold the world record for most popcorn eaten at a sitting.
  • I’ve been to the moon.
  • I invented chocolate-flavoured cotton candy.
  • I’m an Oscar-winning screenwriter.
  • I once jammed with Green Day at their farewell concert in Buenos Aires.
  • I’m featured in a mural in Grand Central Station.
  • I’m a Lauren Graham impersonator.
  • My DNA has been encoded with all of human knowledge so my descendants can preserve it for the future.
  • I’m in Taylor Swift’s squad.

Time to get cracking!

4 thoughts on “Summing Yourself Up In One Sentence

  1. lvsconsulting

    Oh to blazes with your “firmly middle-aged” comment! I LOVE your Taylor Swift concert story and it should be shared with everyone – including Taylor Herself!!! IMHO… 🙂

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