A list of things I seem to have plenty of, until I suddenly don’t:

  1. wrapping paper
  2. icing sugar
  3. laundry soap
  4. children’s advil
  5. cash in my wallet
  6. toothpaste
  7. printer paper
  8. cell phone battery power
  9. applesauce
  10. patience

3 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Ketchup. We always have three spare bottles and then … we’re out!

    Then I go out and buy three bottles again so we’ll NEVER, EVER run out. Then I don’t buy ketchup for months and … we’re out!

    1. WORD to this. I follow the exact same pattern – buy three giant bottles so we’ll always have some, then six months later we’re suddenly out. I swear every time I organize the pantry shelves I think to myself, “DO NOT BUY KETCHUP, we have six bottles,” and yet, we are always out. GAH!

  2. I love this. This is exactly how it goes at my house. We don’t have ROOM for all the toilet paper we have—until suddenly we are down to the last roll. I JUST BOUGHT ketchup / toothpaste / paper / pencils / half-and-half / salsa, and somehow I am running to the store.

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