Reclaiming the Mojo

I’m thinking about trying to get some writing mojo back by doing NaBloPoMo this month. It’s been years since I blogged every day in November but it really brought be joy when I did it in the past. No promises, and no quality guarantees, either. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been having some very odd dreams lately – and actually sleepwalking, something I’ve never done before. Both times I sleepwalked, I got up and went to the dresser in our room and started to take out clothes to get dressed. I realized it was the middle of the night and that I was awake-but-not-awake but couldn’t seem to stop myself. The sudden need for proper underwear and pants was overwhelming.

Last night I dreamed the guys who sing the song Renegades showed up and tried to explain the lyrics to me. They were very kind and earnest but I just could not get it. Also I was confused by their name – are they literally Ex-ambassadors? Or are they like, X Ambassadors, as in ambassadors for cool alternative stuff?

I think the time change is messing with my mind.

9 thoughts on “Reclaiming the Mojo

  1. I don’t have any mojo either. And now we’re back into the spring weather so I feel like I should be productive and do something outside, like rake leaves, or hang Xmas lights (because, hello, it’s 20 degrees out! no frozen fingers!) but….meh.

    It appears we are not alone. Perhaps I will join you in the writing every day department…even if it’s just an inspirational quote, or a personal dilemma, or something parenting related. Just get the words out, right?


    1. Yes! This is what I’m thinking: videos and inspirational quotes. It’s NaBloPoMo bread and butter :).

      Screw the Christmas lights. Have a lemonade and fool around on Twitter instead. You have my total support!

  2. Middle-aged Me

    You should put a “Donate’ button on your site – I’d totally pay to get to read a post from you every day for a month! Money well spent!

  3. Glad you are planning to post daily too! I’ve never done it but I’m sure I will need the inspirational quotes and videos idea when the well runs dry.

  4. I predict you will get your mojo back like a mofo. Or something. I believe I met you the first year I did NaBloPoMo – or blogged at all. Happy some kind of wacky anniversary to us!

  5. Zhu

    It’s just so…. weird since we switched to let’s-freeze-for-the-next-six-month time. So dark… I have zero energy. Mojo gone.

    I love this song, I almost cried when I saw it used in commercials :-/

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