Dance Away, Dance Show!

Just a small interruption in our ongoing travelogue of Alberta to dish on dance show. We’re up to the top 10, which means I can now let fly with the super intense analysis, which is good because I really thought I might burst if I had to hold this in any longer:

PAULA ABDUL PLEASE MOVE TO OTTAWA AND BE MY BEST FRIEND. I can kick one of the kids out if you need a place to crash. Pie will be waiting.

Whew, glad that’s out.

Seriously – I love Paula. She’s so relentlessly positive, yet she tries to say meaningful things. Plus, there’s this from this week:

Nigel, regarding Adriana and Alexia’s fish dance: “You were nothing more than a dead fish on a slab.”

Paula: “Ooookay, now I’m going to attempt to say something that’s actually useful.”


Also still liking Jason Derulo. It was big news when he announced his college degree is in musical theatre. Jason Derulo, the next Jean Valjean? Just putting it out there.

Other important things I have to say: Cat’s rainbow dress this week was THE BOMB, I am totally getting one just like it.

The group numbers every week continue to dazzle – the opening numbers have been solid, but it’s the stage/street numbers from the end of the show that I am LOVING. Still not sure about this stage/street thing but I have to say, the group numbers are almost enough to sell it. Lastly, there continues to be a wide range of choreographers this season and I’m super happy about that – last week (the top 16 show), every single number was so freakin’ amazing I didn’t see how they could possibly eliminate anyone. In fact, here’s an idea: just keep everyone!

But of course, they can’t do that, so let’s talk rankings for the top 10, shall we? The elimination of Alexia broke my heart – she was my favourite on team stage – so the whole ranking will have a bit of a bittersweet tang, but so be it. Also, I’m not sure if they will continue with this one-stage-one-street elimination right up to the end – does that mean the final two will be for sure one stage, and one street? Or once they are in the top 10 is it a free for all? I’m ranking based on free for all, but we’ll see how it goes.

1 – Jaja. I love her, you love her, we all love Jaja. She’s shown she can handle all styles well, and in her own style she KILLS IT. She’s so cute and charming. But she’s not a guaranteed win, because…

2 – Jim. The people love Jim. I have been impressed with his ability to sell hip hop and of course, when it comes to contemporary he’s the king. But so far I haven’t had a “wow” moment with him – I know it’s in there, but it needs to emerge soon.

3 – Megz. The more I see Megz, the more I love her. I love her shoe fetish, I love her hair, I love her facial expressions both on and off stage. But mostly I love how committed she is – in last week’s performance with Edson (the contemporary number with the shirts), she was just so into the piece, she totally sold me.

4 – Virgil. I think Virgil has the sparkliest personality on the show right now, and I just love love love seeing him dance in just about anything. Wasn’t he so fab in that Broadway number with Gaby from two weeks back? And that robot number with Hailee? And everything else he’s done? Hm, maybe he should be higher on this list – a problem this year because team street is just SO fantastic. Speaking of which…

5 – Neptune. I’m still waiting for that wow moment from Neptune, too (although this week’s performance with Gaby was lovely), but there’s no doubt he has the chops and the personality to really bring it. Now bring it, big guy.

6 – Hailee. I was unsure about Hailee during Vegas week but she really continues to win me over. Her interviews are adorable and her dancing has really impressed. So far I have liked her best, though, when she has a great partner, and her best performances have been team efforts, as opposed to her shining out boldly. So we’ll see.

7 – Edson. I actually love Edson as a dancer. His moves are so lovely – this is going to sound sacrilegious, but I’d actually rather watch him than Jim most days. But what Edson needs to work on is his maturity and ability to really sell a character. If he can make that click, he’ll be golden.

8 – JJ. I do think she’s the weakest on team street right now (that’s like saying she’s the shortest member of the American Basketball Dream Team) but her smile is just so charming, and her top knots so adorable, and like Megz, she has really committed to styles that are way outside her comfort zone (unlike the judges, I actually thought she did really well with the sailor girl pinup number this week). Although I personally love her I kind of think Yorelis deserved the top 10 more than JJ, so if JJ is the one to go home next week, I’ll be okay with that.

9 – Gaby. There’s always one on dance show that the judges really, really sell hard, and this year it’s Gaby. They are always showering her with praise and I just do not see it. Sure, she can dance, but she doesn’t dazzle me with technique or personality. Since Vegas week she’s been a workhorse dancer for team stage – able to handle any style with competence but not standing out. I thought her best number so far was the Broadway she did with Virgil, but other than that she’s always the last person on stage that I actually look at – everyone else takes attention away from her when I’m watching, which is not good.

10 – Derek. What is with the Twitterverse and Derek? You saved him last week when he didn’t even dance, and then again this week over my beloved Alexia. Is he holding down the tweenage girl cute-guy vote? Does he have an enormous family with hundreds of tweeting cousins? I just don’t get it. Much like Gaby, Derek is competent but nearly invisible onstage. Remember when he was a military guy, dancing with Jaja and Alexia? I didn’t even SEE him on stage – he was like part of the set. Add to that a week of non-participation and I’m not sure what people are basing their votes on.

Ah, dance show, I can’t believe I thought I was once over you – not sure if it’s the new judges or the new format or Cat’s rainbow dress, but I am super pumped about this season. Can’t wait for next week!

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  1. OMG I had to wait until now to read this post because I hadn’t seen the episode! Totally agree about Cat’s dress. Totally don’t agree with your top 10. I may like Hailee best actually. I’m sad about Yorelis.. I really liked her. I’m not a super fan of Jaja. I’m with you about Derek. Whew!

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