It’s Over.

I am officially done with winter.

I feel like I have been a remarkably good sport about it this year, particularly as someone who has deeply and truly disliked winter in the past. I have been skiing, so I have been outside even when it’s minus 25, and it’s been okay. I have cheerfully shovelled side by side with my children. I have invested in many lovely new pairs of thermal socks and have enjoyed many cups of tea. I have remarked on how nice it is that it’s at least sunny out, that the days are slowly getting longer. I have loved watching the kids love the snow, rolling around in it like it was a bed full of money.

But now – I’m over it. A couple of days ago I woke up and looked outside and it was still winter, still frigid, still with the snow all over, and that was IT. DONE. Since then I have lost my powers of optimistic protection and have felt the wind drive itself right into my bones, felt my hands turn blue with cold. I have come to hate my snow pants and resent my giant clonky boots and gone barefoot in the house in defiance, only to find myself shivering with toes by the fireplace an hour later. It all sucks.

This morning Sir Monkeypants declared the Winter Of Our Discontent to be over, because the deep-deep freezing days were supposed to end with slightly milder temperatures – highs in the negative single digits – starting with today. But although he’s technically right, I still suffered a great suffering on my way to pick up the kids today, despite still suiting up in the full spacesuit of winter protection. IT DID NOT HELP.

Winter: you have finally broken me. I quit.

15 thoughts on “It’s Over.

  1. I so agree. I am 100% done with winter. I am finding it hard to find ways to describe my feelings without resorting to profanity. I just want to see grass again.

  2. nicoleboyhouse

    I had a winter like that last year. It was just brutal and I completely lost perspective. I actually forgot what “non-winter” was like. But this year has been much milder so hoping your winter breaks soon!

  3. Word, sister. Not to mention that THIS is the winter we got a puppy. A very, very small puppy who, when we take her outside, looks up at us like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO OUTSIDE? (Sorry, Alison, I can’t do it without resorting to profanity).

  4. Zhu

    I think we are all at the same stage, everybody is ranting and no one ever bothers going out unless it’s absolutely necessary. Stores are empty, no or little traffic… yep, we gave up.

  5. smothermother

    I hear ya sistah! while I don’t usually mind winter, this nuclear cold has broken me as well. screw the record for the most days the canal has been open in a row. I want spring! I want the smell of melting dog poop!

  6. Ditto here. So tired of being cold! It’s kind of sad how excited I am that highs of -1 C in the forecast for next week. Balmy temperatures! Practically sandals weather!

  7. OK, I’m weird …. but I’m quite used to it now. I’ve enjoyed skiing this winter like I haven’t in a long time, and I’ve run every single day I wanted to, and I think maybe that did it. Can’t run? What do you mean can’t run? CAN run! And, in that way, I triumphed over winter and today, while I was running, the cardinal was signing and it was so, so, sunny and, yes, it’s minus eighteen but it felt like spring!

  8. I’ll tell you one thing: the fact that wearing long johns UNDER my already snug pants is NOT helping matters here either. Bec what goes well with hot tea or coffee? Pie. That’s what. And cookies. And for dinner some nice comforty pasta with lots of cheese.

    Winter not only broke me, it made me fat.

    I’m done, too.

    1. PS. My blog is ‘off’ for now, if you’re trying to get caught up. Sorry, not sure if I’ll keep it up, even though I partly want to, but if you want an update on the renos…I’ll connect with you another way. just let me know! 🙂

  9. this was the winter we were going to get outside and enjoy the season.. we were going to try skiing lessons .. etc. let’s just say, it didn’t happen. waaaaaaay too cold for us winter wimps. good for you for trying at least. we didn’t even try! Netflix got us through…

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