A Few Thoughts On Food

Last week I made little individual tourtieres for dinner. I love them, but it was a little depressing that something that took me over two hours to make was gobbled up in the 15 minute window between piano practice and running out the door for guides/scouts. Sigh.

I made an apple pie as well that night and a piece before bed and then another for breakfast the next morning did help soothe the hurt feelings, a little.


Every morning I have oatmeal for breakfast, with maple syrup on it. Every morning I open the fridge to get out the maple syrup and see it in the fridge door, right there next to a big bottle of Bailey’s.

Some morning I may mix the two of them up and it may not be an accident.


We have had a devil of a time getting the children to eat breakfast lately. I have thrown out all notion of healthy breakfasts and am now offering them cookies, pie, or even a half cup of tea for breakfast. It frustrates me that no one has yet invented a pill that could take the place of an entire meal, especially considering that such an invention would solve the world hunger crisis, not to mention freeing up all kinds of time for more productive activities, and allow travel to foreign destinations to be so much easier for the food-allergic among us.

Perhaps my children are just using this breakfast strike as a way to inspire me to invent such a thing. If so, the joke’s on them, as I intend to make it their homework for the next few years. HA.

6 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts On Food

  1. Lynn, my dear wonderful friend, we are with you. Our notions of “healthy eating” have gone out the window as the kids age. I won’t say ‘mature’ because…. well… you know. Often Kid#1 (who is now 13) doesn’t eat breakfast and I have stopped making him. In my defense, I got through most of high school not eating breakfast and lunch consisted of a bag of cheese balls. I’m still healthy. Also I will say that when the babes were newborns, missing a meal was a big cause for worry. Now that they are much older, missing a meal is almost normal. So whatevers. Of course, we always have plenty of fresh fruit and veggies around and if they are hungry (but not so hungry that they will actually serve themselves…) fruit and veggies are the first things we offer. Cut-up cucumbers, carrots, apples, pears, etc. No dips even – just the plain goodness. And that’s what keeps us going. So you know, don’t worry about the breakfast thing. They will be fine. And I’m with you on the meal-pill and the (desire to have an) occasional splash of Bailey’s in the morning…. 🙂

  2. I get very frustrated with cooking. Either people love it and it gets wolfed down and I feel like the ratio of cooking:eating didn’t pan out well, or else people hate it and complain and food gets wasted and I feel resentful and unappreciated.

  3. Zhu

    I don’t do breakfast. I don’t care for it never did. I’m… you know, okay. Like, reasonably healthy and all, despite the BREAKFAST IS THE MEAL OF THE DAY warnings.

    I eat oatmeal at night when it’s cold, though. Some days… okay, most days these days, if I’m too lazy to cook for me I just assemble a weird meal of soup, oatmeal, toast, etc.

  4. It’s not a pill, but apart from that it _has_ been invented; it’s called Soylent. I just ordered some, although somehow it won’t ship for 4-5 months. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. TD

    Have you ever offered Carnation instant Breakfast? On days when they won’t eat breakfast, they will often just drink this, which at least gives some nutrients to get going in the morning. It comes in powder and ready to use formulas. We use it enough that I buy the large canister’s of vanilla and Strawberry (Chocolate is available, but is my kids least favourite)

    Food is food, if they eat anything it is better than nothing.

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