Don’t Even Think About Correcting My Baby

Little Miss Sunshine:

“When Mommy is driving you shouldn’t ever try to bother her because that is just playing with pirates.”



6 thoughts on “Don’t Even Think About Correcting My Baby

  1. :). I keep meaning to write these things down. My current faves are “ear mugs” (ear-muffs – actually the ear-protectors for loud noises), “taste bugs” (taste buds), and “overfloat” (defined by Meena as “what the toilet does if you flush it too many times”)

  2. We still call underwear “bunkies” (even though my oldest is 5’7″) – it’s to the point where it’s just become normal usage, even between me and my husband (“could you please put away your clean bunkies?”). So, imagine how weird it was to watch a Cottage Life show about somebody building a sleeping cabin, and she kept going on about how she couldn’t wait for her “bunky” to be done …

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