In Which, I Know Nothing About The Voting Habits Of America

Well, well, well. Last week’s So You Think You Can Dance was pretty darn shocking – at least for poor little me, who apparently knows nothing about the voting habits of America. Rudy is out, people, RUDY IS OUT. Seriously thought he was on track to win this thing.

Does this mean that having ballroom on any given week is a kiss of death, no matter who you are? I have to admit, I always thought that the American dance-loving public voted based purely on popularity, like some sort of high school presidential election, rather than on the individual merits of each dance week-to-week. But perhaps they are more fickle than I thought, and the dances each week actually do make a difference. In that case, Valerie better watch her back this week.

Last week I suggested that Dance Show was possibly played out, in that I don’t obsess over it like I used to, and it has been a good long time since my mind was literally blown away (last time I can recall – Melanie’s huge leap into Neil’s arms in the Mandy Moore number – what was that, four seasons ago?). But then something like Rudy getting voted out happens, and suddenly I’m sucked back in. Not sure I’ll feel compelled to blog about it next year but I know I’ll be watching.

Before we talk dancers, just wanted to say: Jenna Dewan Tatum!! SQUEE. I’m sure this comes as no surprise but I am a fanatical fan of all the Step Up movies, including the first one (“FOR SKINNY!”). Thought she was pretty good – usually I don’t like it when a judge is gushingly positive about every number, but every number last night really WAS good, so I give her a pass.


Ricky. Probably jinxing him by putting him at the top (the last two weeks, my top pick has gone out), but he is really the best overall, and also was so good last week with Jaimie. They were so well matched and their dance was just lovely and although not exactly ground breaking, did include some movements I’d never seen before. Would love to see that one again in the finale. Poor Ricky is with Anya next week – ballroom AND the tiger lady – so fingers crossed he’ll survive.

Jessica. Also shining last week with Will (who, I must admit, I have no memory of whatsoever – anyone else?). Once again Mandy Moore confirms her spot as my favourite choreographer. I thought Jessica and Will had fantastic chemistry and they balanced each other just perfectly – a great performance. Still don’t believe she can win the whole thing, though, unless she has a really amazing dance with Ade next week (could actually happen, though).

Casey. I think the voting public has clued in on Casey, and he was pretty good with Comfort this week – Comfort ROCKED IT, but Casey at least kept up, and their number was unique and memorable. He’s with Mackenzie next week which should mean yet another lovely but forgettable contemporary number but I think it will get him into the top 4.

Jacque. Man, if you told me two weeks ago I’d be calling Jacque for the top 4, I’d have said you were nuts. But the weird voting style of this season – where you are ranked based on your last performance – means she’s bought herself extra time somehow. I thought she was actually good with Twitch – which totally surprised me, I never thought she had it in her – so I think she is the one who will make top 4. She’s with Will this week for what I’m sure will be a very nice contemporary number. Also, getting gossipy: she didn’t seem particularly broken up when Rudy went home, did she? Didn’t even give him a hug. Guess that affair is over!

Zack. I loved his Broadway number with Mackenzie, but in general, I love all the Broadway stuff, while America is lukewarm on it. Zack, I thought, was absolutely bang on perfect, plus his solo last week was KICK ASS. He’s with Fikshun next week which is very, very interesting – hopefully it’s not his swan song.

Valerie. Once again, putting Valerie at the bottom although her personal popularity (she’s never been in danger before) seems to make her bulletproof. The judges praised the hell out of her Samba with Ryan, but I actually thought she was okay at best – Ryan totally outshone her and she looked quite stiff and uncomfortable, I thought. Guess we’ll see if ballroom really is the kiss of death. She’s with Twitch this week which should be fine and cute and charming, if not exactly badass.

I just realized something – nothing that happens in top 6 week actually matters. Does it? Tonight we find out who the top 4 are – based on their performances from last week. But then, the top 4 get to perform again next week in the top 4 show, and the votes from THAT week pick the winner. So is there even voting after tonight’s show? Or do they actually pick the winner based on tonight’s performances, and next week is just the greatest hits/announce the winner show? I am confused. Either way, it’s created an awkward voting pattern.

In any case, see you next week!

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