1500 and the Your Choice Giveaway

This is my 1500th post. It has a monumental feel to it, doesn’t it? Combined with my 10th year blogging anniversary back in March, I’ve decided to have a giveaway to celebrate. Party at the Turtlehead house!

(Well, not a party – an intimate get-together, if you will. EXACTLY like this one; Candace IS the animated version of myself, except I don’t have anywhere near the swan neck, sadly.)

So! Here’s the plan. I will spot the winner a $50 gift card – at the shop of their choice! That’s right – you pick your own prize. It just has to be a store that allows for eGift cards – cards I can send you by email. Some choices include Chapters, Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, Future Shop, the Apple Store, the MEC, Toys R Us, or my personal choice, Etsy. If you’re torn, I’ll even split the value between multiple stores.

If you live in Ottawa and would prefer to support a local store, I cannot really fault you for that, and will do all I can to get you a a gift certificate to the local shop and send it on over. Some great local stores I love include the Tagalong Toys, Grace in the Kitchen, Tinseltown Christmas Emporium in Wellington West, Kaleidoscope Kids, Chez Francois, and pretty much any and every purveyor of cupcakes in town. But I’d love to hear your own suggestions!

So here’s how to enter: leave me a comment below letting me know the store of your choice. That’s it! I’ll pick a winner next Monday, April 28.

I to the N to the M-I-N-A-T-E get together!

Edited to add: The contest is now closed – congratulations to our winner, smothermother!

21 thoughts on “1500 and the Your Choice Giveaway

  1. Congratulations, Lynn and BRAVO for 10 years and 1500 fabulous posts! Whenever I see a notice from Turtlehead, I still say YAY (sometimes out loud!)
    Thanks for the humour, the insight, the slices of life. You continue to inspire me to write more and to write better!

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  3. KL

    Wow that’s a lot of writing. I do enjoy seeing your blogs pop in my in box especially when I can totally relate to the topic. I would love a Lowes card.

  4. Congrats! I don’t think I’m even at 15, let alone 1500. I’m not going to put a store name down, because what I’d really want to do is meet up with you instead and say “hi” in person! But our visits to the mighty Wa have been furiously busy…. But soon! Honestly, sometime we will make it happen!!!

  5. Jaquelyn

    Congratulations Lynn, your blog is a “must read” for me. I’d love a Target gift card (if that’s an option), or Terra 20 (so many lovely things in that store)

  6. Wow Lynn. That is something to be proud of! I wish I had found your blog way earlier! for me (loyal reader and commenter) a Chapters gift card would be great.. but then again, I liked your Cupcake idea too 🙂

  7. smothermother

    Easiest giveaway evah! Etsy. boom! I win! 🙂

    Yeah for your 1500th! Here’s to another 1500!

  8. congrats on the milestone! I think your blog is awesome Lynn! Its a must-read for me, and always makes me giggle in an otherwise hectic day. Also, and more importantly, your ability to put together all the “whats going on in Ottawa” lists for family stuff including dates, prices, heads-up tips, etc is ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE and I usually check your website to find out whats going on if I’m on the hunt for a family outing. so THANK YOU for all that you do.

  9. Sheila

    I loved every last one! But wow, there were 1500? So, yes, it’s true, I’m in it for the gift card, but I truly really do love reading about you and your family. So, it’s either a Staples gift card, (I love these https://www.staplescustomstamps.ca/store/switch_stamp_selection.cfm?sws=42SS ) or what I really love right now is http://www.twelvesouth.com/product/bookbook-travel-journal, but I don’t think there’s a gift card available, well I put in question to ask anyway, just in case 😉 )

  10. MrsCarlSagan

    Congratulations! That’s a lot of writing – *really* good writing that I always enjoy reading.
    As for a gift card…good heavens…I’m thinking Chapters or Amazon.

  11. Wow congrats! I really enjoy your blog and hope that you get yourself a cupcake (or two? those are a lot of awesome cupcake shops!) to celebrate!
    My favourite gift card to receive is iTunes.
    I would also be curious to hear about some of your favourite Etsy shops in a post sometime – I never use it but hear about it all the time!

  12. Chantal

    good job woman! I would chose Terra20. And if you do have an “intimate get together” i just might have to crash it 😉

  13. Woohoo! Congrats on the 1500! You were the first blog I read and always a favourite. I am so happy for you and look forward to the next 1000 or so. :D.
    I have never shopped at Etsy! I know I would love to get hooked on that.

  14. JR-J

    You have lots of great writing in your blog – congrats. I’d love a Chapters gift card. Thanks for providing so many giggles over the years.

  15. Wow! 1500? I’ve only got 1463 to go to catch up! 🙂
    That’s an incredible achievement…congratulations! You’re an inspiration and the reason Luc and I blog.
    A gift card to Home Depot would rock…it’s where Luc and I hang out when we manage a few hours away from the kids…

  16. suze

    It never occurred to me that you can get Etsy gift cards… I don’t know why 🙂
    I’d love Etsy, Chapters or Amazon. Is alllllll good.

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