Skating Rink, Bowling Alley, or Indoor Pool?

So I realize these are not the most exciting photos in the world, but here you go:



What we are looking at here is a newly re-poured concrete floor. That is flat. And level. And GORGEOUS.

I mean, the kids are going to have to live with crooked overbites now, and we’ll probably never take another family vacation again, but who cares, have you SEEN the sheer flatness of our basement floor?


This means our plan to solve the basement issues with plenty of excess dollars has worked, we think. It has to cure now for two weeks, and then hopefully we will be back on schedule. Big shout out to Floor Solutions, who did this work super speedy and super well and everyone there was so nice and kind and really cared about our project.

(But apparently, cared nothing at all for the straightness of our children’s teeth.)

In other news, it is back to being True Winter outside in Ottawa, with windchills of up to -25 and tons of dire warnings about frigid temperatures in the news. I feel like I have been a relatively good sport about winter up to this point, but now there is no amount of hot cocoa in the world that can make me feel like re-embracing winter. We had two nicer days last week and that is IT, Mother Nature – TIME TO LET IT GO. I MEAN IT.

No, I did NOT mean that kind of let it go. SIGH.

7 thoughts on “Skating Rink, Bowling Alley, or Indoor Pool?

  1. CapnPlanet

    It really looks awesome. So envious of you northerners and your basements (really!).

    Also I suspect the peace of mind you’ll have for years to come from knowing the floor is flat will be worth the money you spent. At least I’d certainly feel that way. Just tell your kids that you had to work through school to get nice teeth, so they shouldn’t expect any different! 🙂

  2. have been wondering how that turned out……. good call!! worth it to get it right! was thinking of you yesterday when we came across some issues this week with our own reno’s which involved pulling out some walls etc.. every reno has it’s challenges that is for sure. Right now I am ready for this reno, and the winter, to be DONE!!!!

      1. we are having our 2 upstairs bathrooms done. the first was total gut.. and it went well. no surprises. done. the second one we are replacing the old (yuck) tub with a new Jacuzzi tub and retiling the shower/tub area. this was going to be the quick/easy job. not so.

        they had to cut a bathtub size hole in my office/loft wall to fit in in properly so I was actually sitting on the toilet once morning and waving at my 12 yr old son as he ate his cereal at the dining room table. he was not impressed. then the walls were all crooked so they had to pull one down. then they tiled and more problems.. and we had our contractor here until almost midnight pulling off a whole wall of tiles.

        and the job is about to be on week 8 and I am so done with it all. I can’t wait to have my house back and walk up my stairs w/o the plastic coating on them. But, as I keep reminding my even-more-stressed-out-wishing-he’d-have-just-done-it-himself-in-the-first-place-husband, these are “first world problems”. but, grrrrrrr all the same!!!!

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