Look To The Cookie, Elaine

I made these yesterday:

Vegan Black and White Cookies

Unity Cookies! The Black and White! As made immortal by Seinfeld (“Two races of flavor living side by side in harmony.”)

They are vegan, so my son can have them, and they are divine. They are TOO divine. I am still on shaky stomach ground and the last thing I need is a dozen palm-sized discs of pure ambrosia just sitting there in the kitchen. On Valentine’s Day, no less, when dessert calories are FOR FREE. Sigh.

So I’m back to eating more-or-less real food (if cookies count as real food), and back to working, which means I can only tangentially check in with the Olympics from time to time during the day, which is just so sad. But while we’re talking Olympics, some random thoughts on that:

Why was Sochi selected as a Winter Olympics location, when it was like, 18 degrees Celsius there yesterday? Clips I’ve seen of the city show palm trees – PALM TREES – and no snow on the ground; snow on the ski slopes is said to be icy and they are actually salting it (which I totally do not get) to keep it in good shape. I should probably just go and Google for info about the climate of Sochi, but I’m too busy eating cookies and watching coverage. But I do wonder: what made them think this was a winter-type playground area?

And this: I watch a lot (A LOT) of figure skating, and I have noticed that Western/American culture seems to be the de facto culture of figure skating. There were Russians skating to The Addams Family and Jesus Christ Superstar, Germans skating to the Pink Panther, I saw some guy from the Czech Republic skate to Dueling Banjos. What’s that about? Are these people training in North America, maybe? Or is The Addams Family actually a world-wide phenomenon? I am mystified.

And lastly: I have discovered I have an endless appetite for any and all Olympic sports, except hockey. The hockey games (which, amusingly, feature the exact same break-time cheers, like DAY-O and We Will Rock You and CHARGE!, meaning, I guess, American Culture really IS universal, and the unity cookie was right all along) are just like any other hockey game and I can’t get invested. Meanwhile, listening to the commentators for things like snowboarding and biathlon and luge is SO charming, because they are so deeply passionate about their sport, and know all the inside details and scoop and history, and when they start squealing with joy over the tightness of the competition it’s just delightful.

Now I’m off to work, and eat cookies, and sneak glimpses of the figure skating, and ponder race relations. Happy Valentine’s Day!

5 thoughts on “Look To The Cookie, Elaine

  1. Commenting on my own post to say: I just watched the Czech guy do his long program, and his coach is Viktor Patrenko, who was a well-known Russian skater in his day, and the two of them work out of…Hackensack, New Jersey. Meanwhile, the commentators just noted that the Spanish skater and the Japanese skater who is in the lead train together, in Toronto, with Brian Orser. So I guess that’s part of the mystery solved – North America seems to be the figure skating centre of the world!

  2. I’m so with you on watching hockey in the Olympics. We can watch hockey pretty much any time all the rest of the year. I want to see the sports we never get to see – that’s the OIympics for me!

  3. Hilarious about the hockey…lol. Until I met DH I could not care less…then I started watching halfheartedly. Now, I got me a superstarhockeykid who plays competitive and I live at the rink part time so…hockey! OMG.:) But I will say this: the hockey commentators say the same thing over and over again. It’s all math. Stats. BORING. Just lemme watch the play.

    Re the cookies. You post food but no recipe. 😦

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

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