The Gatorade Stage

Ugh, I am just so very, very sick. Last night I was finally able to keep down about a half cup of Gatorade, which I guess signals a turning of the tide. But this morning I am back on the couch, making those little groaning noises of pain that drive my husband up the wall, sipping Gatorade slowly and wanting to feel better.

But of course, I still have the energy to blog, because: PRIORITIES.

Also, Nicole from the boy house tagged me in a meme, which means I don’t even have to be creative…someone has done all the “ideas” work for me! Meme it up!

1) If Jane had 3 apples and John had 78 nails, how many layers of clothing are you wearing (how is the weather in your neck of the woods?)?

I hear it is back to Nuclear Winter level temperatures outside this morning – something like -19 degrees. However, I haven’t moved off the couch in two days, so I’ve been kind of shielded from all that. One thing I can say is that I am almost never without my Dead Kitty Socks, which are actually T-Max Heat socks from Mark’s Work Wearhouse. They only carry them in the fall so are mostly sold out now until next winter, but if you can find some, BUY THEM. We call them Dead Kitty Socks here because the inside is so soft and fuzzy, it’s as if they made them from the skins of dead kittens. But I will gladly walk all over those dead kittens for the powerful, powerful warmth involved. They are AWESOME.

2. What is keeping you sane during these long winter months?

Um…very little? The basement remodel has taken a left turn into Expensive ProblemsVille (more on that later, I’m sure) and the cold and the sickness are a drag. Oh, but the Olympics! Olympic coverage, 16 hours a day, every day! I love it so much. I even re-watch the same stuff I’ve already seen. Three or four times over. I’m a junkie.

3. If you were on a boat with a box of chocolate and your Mother In Law, who would you throw overboard?

Now why, exactly, are we throwing anything overboard? Are there chocolate-loving sharks circling? Or are we having a lifeboat weight limit issue? I need more info on this one.

4. What’s in your underwear drawer besides underwear?

Ha! Exclusively underwear. I have SO MUCH underwear, it’s ridiculous. This is because I can never seem to find the perfect combination of fit, flattering look, and comfort. So I continue to buy packs of new underwear to try, but am unhappy, so must buy more new stuff, yet cannot get rid of the other stuff that I’ve only worn like, twice, and so yes, I have an entire drawer dedicated to nothing more than underwear.

5. Do you trust yourself with sharp objects near your face? (as in, do you pluck your own eyebrows? Do you have any eyebrow horror stories?)

I do pluck my eyebrows, but only half-heartedly. Really, my complete lack of body maintenance is becoming an issue, especially as I get older. My middle daughter asked me just yesterday if she could start plucking and while I think she’s a little young for that still, I’m kind of hoping she will take me to the spa and otherwise force me to take better care of myself.

6. I am terrified of dead bodies, spiders, and the dentist. What are you scared of?

Spiders, for sure. I am a shrieking mess whenever one shows up in the house. All bugs in general, actually, can cause me to totally lose my shit.

7. Are you wearing nail polish?

See above re: doing very little for body maintenance. I actually cannot stand the feeling of polish on my hands – it’s so weird, it’s like my nails can’t breathe, I walk around with my hands held stiff in awkward positions and feel like I can’t touch anything or move them normally. I do like a nice pedicure but it’s been years now since I had one – I think the last time was when I was pregnant with the Little Miss.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program of Gatorade sipping and Olympics watching. FLOP.

8 thoughts on “The Gatorade Stage

  1. Lynn, if you ever stop blogging after posting you are sick, I know to rush over to your house with a team of paramedics in tow… meanwhile I’m sure the Little Miss has bounced back already, while her mom is left contemplating dead kittens… I’m considering coming down with something myself so I can binge on the winter games. How many times did you watch Alex Bilodeau yesterday?? (3X for me). I LOVE freestyle, or as Christine Blanchard of the Citizen calls it, “that sport where knees and teeth must meet.” Go Canada (slurp of Gatorade) go! Hope you’re better soon, my friend.

  2. You’re the second person to say the nail polish thing, which is so funny to me – how can your nails feel it? Of course, I feel that way about hats. I cannot wear hats. THEY SQUISH MY HEAD. Thanks for playing along, and I hope you feel better!

  3. smothermother

    oh i hope you feel better soon. this plague that is going around is just not nice. 😦

    i’m with you on the spiders. can’t even look at pictures of them. i think i hit the “phobic” scale. don’t wear nail polish because it’s way too much maintenance. though i do like to pretty my toes when sandal wearing weather hits. it will come back, right?

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